guilty mother
Arushi Seth

I am a Guilty Mother, I Do Not Follow Rules

I remember before we had Little Miss A, my husband and I would see children in restaurants watching phones and iPads. We both thought this was irresponsible behavior of the parents who cannot keep the child occupied. I would see children throwing tantrums and again I would think, these are things I will never allow

Arushi Seth

Tips for First Day of School

Little Miss A has settled in school and we have started a new phase of life with her. As I wrote earlier, the first day was not easy for me at all. However, I am more comfortable and so is she. The first day of school is a big milestone for both parents and the

First Day of School
Arushi Seth

First Day of School: A Confused Mother

Since Little Miss A turned 2, one question everyone asked me was when was I sending her to school. I was in no hurry and was very clear not before she turns 2.5. A lot of people judged me and I am sure thought I was over protective. I always believed that these were the

Care For A New Born Baby
Arushi Seth

Tips to Care For A New Born Baby

Babies do not come with a manual and no books, websites or experiences of others can teach you how to take care of your baby. The biggest learning comes when you become a mother and have the real experience of taking care of your baby. Though a mother understands her baby the most, however, it

Baby In NICU
Arushi Seth

Baby in NICU is A Tough Phase

From the moment I realized I was pregnant, I waited for the day when I could hold by little one in my arms. I still remember the day when my doctor said we will need to do an emergency c section. At that moment my only concern was the well-being of the baby. The operation

Parenting Your Parents
Arushi Seth

Parenting Your Parents

Back in the days, irrespective of the number of family members, everyone lived together in the house. Basically, a family included at least 3 generations, if not more. There was a generation of small children, their parents along with their grandparents. Then the elderly people were considered as the roots of their family, the next

Dairy baby products
Arushi Seth

Introducing Dairy Products to Babies

Many new mothers have a question about when to introduce dairy products to their kids. This question arises because a baby should either be breastfed or be given formula till they turn one. The reason behind this as given by doctors is that the formula or breastmilk contain all the necessary nutrients which is needed

Arushi Seth

Slow Parenting: I am Happy to Be a Slow Parent

In today’s fast paced life, we always have something to do throughout the day to keep us busy. At times we are so overworked that even the 24 hours in a day do not seem to be enough. The moment one of these regular tasks fall out of schedule, we start looking for something to

Kids Sensitive
Arushi Seth

Making Kids Sensitive is Important Too

While many parents are dealing with a highly sensitive child, others might thank their stars that their child does not throw up tantrums or throw a fit of crying when their demands are not met. And indeed, it might perplex you to read ‘Making Kids Sensitive is Important Too’. Here’s why. By saying make your

Styles of Parenting
Arushi Seth

Do You Know About the Four Styles of Parenting?

As we grew up, we saw how our parents raised us and how our friends were raised by their parents. Though we had no clue about parenting or parenting styles, we often wished if only our parents were as lenient as our friend’s or thanked that our parents are not as strict as the other