Styles of Parenting
Arushi Seth

Do You Know About the Four Styles of Parenting?

As we grew up, we saw how our parents raised us and how our friends were raised by their parents. Though we had no clue about parenting or parenting styles, we often wished if only our parents were as lenient as our friend’s or thanked that our parents are not as strict as the other

Travel with Your Child
Arushi Seth

Travel with Your Child and See him Grow

As adults, we constantly try to find some time for an outing or a vacation to recharge our lives and rewind, away from the day to day work. The same applies to children. Vacation for them does not necessarily mean a time off to get away from the stress, but a time they look forward

Ekta Saxena

So Parenting is a Rocket Science!!

Best friend calls and we discuss the ‘writings’. I am indebted as an honest feedback is what I was craving and I receive just that. She suggests ‘Parenting’ to be the next topic and I say a confident ‘Yes’ but in my mind I am dilly dallying. Parenting is vast. Who can claim to have

Eat In Silver
Arushi Seth

Why Children Should Eat In Silver Utensils?

Not everybody is born with a silver spoon but in an Indian household one would often find silverware being bought for a newborn. One of the first gifts that your baby gets and is considered auspicious is silverware. Silver spoons, bowls and glasses are being bought for the newborn by most of the relatives when

Protective Parent Effect
Arushi Seth

How Being an Over Protective Parent Effect the Growth of a Child?

As a parent it is pretty obvious to be protective towards your children. Be it at home or outside, we tend to monitor every move of our child. I often see parents driving their kids to school avoiding the school bus and seeing them off right at the door of their class. It is natural

Kids to Have a Routine
Arushi Seth

5 Reasons Why It is Important for Kids to Have a Routine

A routine followed makes our lives a lot more organized and stable; there is no doubt! You might have observed, a lot of things remain pending for days- be it your workout, that day out you planned with your friend, and many day to day chores pile up just because we do not follow a

Arushi Seth

Co-Sleeping Affects your Child’s Personality

The idea of co-sleeping with your child may seem to be old school to many who prefer to let their child sleep in a different room or bed right from the early years. According to anthropologist Emmy Elizabeth Warner, “90 percent of cultures, infants slept with their parents, and not in cradles or cribs.” Co-sleeping

Baby Sleep Mistake
Arushi Seth

Baby Sleep Mistakes You Could Mend

Babies can give you a tough time with their sleep patterns. New born babies get up every few hours for a feed and sleep. Some are up for long hours at night whereas some sleep easily. As parents we are so much engrossed in their feeding and sleeping that we often overlook the simple mistakes

Little One
Arushi Seth

Tips to Control TV Time for Your Little One

We live in a world of screens and as much as we need television and other screens to stay updated with the latest happenings in the world, we tend to often overdo it. Children are far more difficult to control and police once they have gravitated towards switching on the TV or laptop as a

Child’s Immunity
Arushi Seth

8 Habits that Can Weaken a Child’s Immunity

If you often wonder why your child falls ill frequently or stays lazy most of the times, this could be an indication that your child’s immunity is not developed or is hampered. According to a report by the World Health Organization, ‘the number of children suffering from asthma has doubled since 1980 in developed countries.’ Does