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You can achieve great online exposure with proper advertising tools. We are proud to let you know we have some amazing customers, thanks to a wide range of services that we provide. We have outlined most of the advertising verticals but if there is something more that you are looking for, shoot an email. We will be more than glad to work it out with you.

You can choose any one of the advertising verticals ranging from banner ads to contests, from giveaways to sponsored reviews or even sponsored posts. Should you want to try out something else, we are open to discussions on the same.

A little Bit About Us:

We take a lot of pride in dealing with simple things in Life. Our target audience includes parents, mothers, and couples. We talk of relationships and how you can handle them in a better way.

Banner Ads

Banner Ads provide you with excellent visibility over the internet. If you want to purchase banner ads with us, you can do so by sending us an email, details are on the Contact Us page. You can opt from the IAB standard banners of 728 x 90, 120 x 240 or 300 x 250.

Apart from banner ads, you can utilize our other services such as ads within articles, varying banner size ads, sections dedicated to sponsored ads etc. If you have any other ideas, we would love to hear those out.

Contest and Giveaways

One of the most effective ways of creating traction for your products or services is to opt for Contest and Giveaways. You might have some great products or services that you can offer to our readers at no cost, everyone benefits from the same. You get firsthand experience of how people respond to your products/services while our readers walk away with some good products.

Modes of Payment

If you decide to partner with us for advertising, PayPal is our preferred mode of transaction. You can make the payments using all major credit cards with the help of PayPal. It brings a lot of convenience as well as safety to the table. For a seamless transition of you ad campaign on to our website, please make the payment in full.

Need clarifications?

We have put in our best to cover as much as possible when it comes to advertising with us. However, if you have any queries related to advertising or something else that you need clarifications on, do contact us. We are here, extending our hands for a long-term relationship with you.