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A Mom and a Thinkaholic? I am sure that has got you thinking as well. (My thinkaholism is infectious you see 😉)

Who is the Thinkaholic

Who is the Thinkaholic?

Let me start with introducing myself. I am Arushi Seth, a mother to a 4-year-old, wife to a Penguin Dad (and a wonderful man) and daughter to the most amazing parents.

The word ‘Thinkaholic’ seems perfect for me. I am always thinking about something or the other, and I cannot sit without a thought in my head. I sometimes feel, I think while sleeping also. Haha!!

Though I am always thinking, I love to pen my thoughts at night when the world (I mean the baby and the husband) sleep. Besides writing, I love travelling and shopping (that makes me a shopaholic too). Planning a holiday and exploring new places with Mr and Miss A is something I love and do very often.

Thoughts of a Mother

The Thinkaholic Mom

I have always been a thinkaholic, but I think my brain started working at a double pace when I became a mother in 2016. I have a daughter, who is referred as Little Miss A in my posts. (I often pray, she stays little.)

This blog is my second baby and is about my thoughts and experiences as a mother (to the first born). The first few years of parenting can be overwhelming for any new parent, as there is a lot to read and of course, there is plenty of advice from family and friends.

On this blog, you will learn about my parenting journey and some simple and practical tips which could help you in yours. I will like to add, each child is different and you are the best judge on how to handle them.

All parents will agree that there are many times when the parenting game becomes overwhelming. We are so stuck with bigger things that we miss the simple ones.I am here to try and help you in your parenting journey by giving you some simple tips.

The Thinkaholic Blog

I write about many aspects of a parenting journey. Some of my top posts are, How to Discipline a 2 Year Old, How Co-Sleeping Affects Your Child’s Personality and Why Our Grandparents were Healthier Than Us.

On this blog you will also get reviews on products you use with your little one. From the Best Diaper Bags for Stylish Moms to the 10 Best Teethers, you will get my recommendations on many baby products.

Motherhood does not come with a manual and there is nothing right or wrong about it. What you will read here are my thoughts (remember I am a thinkaholic). If you do not follow them, do not worry, you still are doing a fantastic job mummy!!

I never Judge a Mother and you also should not. My aim in writing this blog is to help the moms who share my idea of parenting and also those who might like this idea and integrate it with theirs. I am not the perfect mom but I am a happy one.

Besides, parenting, on the blog, you will find content on social issues like gender inequality and my views on various issues affecting women, as these also are a part of our parenting journey.


In 2021, the blog ranked in the List of Best Blogs in India by the website, www.indiantopblogs.com.

Also, in 2021, the blog has been selected by https://sur.ly/ as Brilliantly Profound & Original Lifestyle Blog.

The blog has been selected as the one of the Top 200 Writing Blogs on the Web by Feedspot and is ranked at No. 26.

Being a Thinkaholic also ranks in the Top 100 Parenting Blogs by Feedspot where it is ranked at No.19. 

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Welcome to Being a Thinkaholic. Happy reading. Let us enjoy our parenting journeys together.