A Review of the Vegan Chocolates by Bee Tee Melt Chocolates

Review of Bee Tee Melt Chocolates

As easily as they melt at room temperature or in your hands, chocolates can melt your mood as well. No wonder they are favorites among kids and adults.And anyone who has a sweet tooth and says they don’t have any chocolates they are probably lying. You need to get your hands on the secret stash that they reach out to during their midnight cravings! And no one knows it better than a chocoholic like me. Yes, the Thinkaholic is also a chocoholic. 😉

If you are a chocolate enthusiast like me, there is some good news. Recently I came across Bee Tee melt chocolates and decided to give them a try. And I am happy to tell you these are really good and a must try for some guilt free snacking.

You can buy them from https://beeteesmelt.in/ or from Amazon or Flipkart.

bee tee melt chocolates

The Bee Tee Melt Chocolates

The Bee Tee Melt chocolates come in three variants right now. A 48% milk chocolate, a 54% coconut milk chocolate, and a 72% dark chocolate with palm sugar.

The first thing that you will notice is the offbeat and well-designed covers that the chocolates come in.The chocolates come packed with an ice gel pack, which ensures the chocolates do not melt in transit.

The best part of these chocolates are that they are soy free, gluten free and preservatives free, which makes them even better for kids and adults. In comparison to some other brands, the 72% dark chocolate and 54% coconut milk chocolate do not use refined sugar, thereby offering you a healthier alternative as well.


The Bee Tee Melt chocolates come packed in thin cardboard boxes in earthy colours. The covers give a hint of the ingredients used in an unusual way. The chocolates come packed in a gold foil with a sticker to know which chocolate are you eating. The chocolate does not completely fit the box so the quantity is less than the size of the box. All details regarding date, weight etc. are clearly written on the box.  

Though the packaging is different and looks nice, the main test of a chocolate is the taste. So let us talk about the three variants in more detail.


These artisan chocolates originate from Chennai. Thamarai, who had been making chocolates as a hobby, brought the brand Bee Tee Melt to life. And in a bid to offer you the very best, she is very choosy when it comes to the ingredients.

For example, the brand does not use any cocoa powder or cocoa solids in its chocolate. Instead, the chocolates use cacao beans and a conceptknown as bean to bar. Baring the milk chocolates, the others do not use any refined sugar as well. And the chocolates are vegetarian as well.

Here is my honest review of the three chocolates of the brand.

Bee Tee’s Milk Chocolate

Bee Tee’s 48% Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolates are synonymous with sweetness. Thus, I was a bit apprehensive to try out the 48% Milk Chocolate from Bee Tee. It was however a pleasant surprise when the chocolate did not taste all that sweet.

Also, it is not bitter as well. It blends the mildly bitter taste well with a hint of sweetness. Unlike a lot of other milk chocolates, Bee Tee’s milk chocolate has a rich and mildly strong flavour of cacao. With every bite, you get to feel the presence of high quality cacao.

The ever so slight bitterness makes it stand out from the other milk chocolates out there. If you feel that milk chocolates, in general, are sweet, Bee Tees 48% milk chocolate should make it to your must try list.

Bee Tee’s Coconut Milk Chocolate

Bee Tee’s 54% Coconut Milk Chocolate

The coconut milk chocolate from Bee Tee is a continuation of the milk chocolate. All the great things about milk chocolate are carried forward to the coconut milk chocolate. Each bite gives you a sense of biting into good quality cacao. And the presence of cacao is slightly higher in the coconut milk chocolate than the milk chocolate, which is kind of expected.

However, what is not expected is the lack of any distinct coconut flavours. With the name coconut milk chocolate, you would like to believe there is a tinge of coconut flavour somewhere there. Though the chocolate is an absolute delight, I missed a bit of chocolate flavour in the same.

Bee Tee’s Dark Chocolate with Palm Sugar

Bee Tee’s 72% Dark Chocolate with Palm Sugar

A dark chocolate lover like my husband will relish the 72% dark chocolate from Bee Tee. As you would have already guessed by now, the chocolate contains 72% cocoa. What sets this bar apart from some of the other dark chocolates is the fact that it uses palm sugar. Dark chocolates usually contain less sugar, but the inclusion of palm sugar is an interesting choice.

Interesting because it is unrefined jaggery and makes the chocolate bar a very healthy option. As you would expect, the cacao dominates the taste buds in this chocolate. You get bitter, rich, and solid flavours that are hard to miss. There is simply no other way around this, this is one good dark chocolate that you will not forget for a while.

My Final Verdict

You can get your hands on Bee Tee’s chocolates either from their website, https://beeteesmelt.in/,  or by visiting Amazon and Flipkart. Besides chocolates you can also check their spreads and butters.

Now addressing the elephant in the room, the chocolates are slightly on the expensive side of the scale. Each bar comes at Rs. 280 for 55gms which might seem expensive to many. However, considering their great taste and usage of high quality ingredients, it makes up for the cost.

Considering the taste and ingredients, they offer good value for money. And if you wondering what would satiate your chocolate loving friends or family, look no further. These chocolates are healthy and with an interesting packing, make for a great gift too. So if you are a chocolate lover or a chocoholic like me, you must try the Bee Tee Melt Chocolates. 


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