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Karva Chauth
Arushi Seth

Karva Chauth: I Do Not Need Your Opinion

It is that time of the year again. Festivities are in the air and everyone around is busy preparing for the festivals. Also, it is that time of the year when social media and newspapers are full of articles questioning the relevance and authenticity of festivals like karva chauth and ahoi ashtami. I

Feminism The most Misunderstood Word in the world
Arushi Seth

Feminism: The Most Misunderstood Word in the World

I met someone who read the post on Patriarchy, and asked me, “So you are a feminist?” I looked at him and smiled and said, ‘yes’. He was not expecting the answer and his attitude suddenly changed, and I showed no inclination to continue the conversation. Later, the Thinkaholic in me felt tha

Positive parenting tips for child development
Arushi Seth

Positive Parenting Tips for Child Development

“Learn something from Tanya”. “She is such a good girl and does not throw any tantrums.” “Amayra is so cute and you are so naughty. Why cannot you become like her?” “Look at the marks Malini Aunty’s son has got. Had you worked harder you could have got better grades.”. “Amar is g

Your Guide to Safe Baby Products
Arushi Seth

Your Guide to Safe Baby Products: Protection from Harmful Ingredients

When I was pregnant, my main concern was to find safe baby products for the little one as her safety was the most important thing. I researched a lot and read lot of reviews and asked friends. All this was to ensure I buy the best products. Still I had to try a few of

How to Stop Baby Hiccups After Feeding
Arushi Seth

How to Stop Baby Hiccups After Feeding?

Hiccups are very normal in babies, especially in the newborn ones. In general, hiccups are one of the normal behaviors or reflex action of the body and usually the baby hiccups after feeding.  However, it can be a startling experience for new parents seeing their baby having hiccups frequently and

PEDIATRICIAN for your baby
Arushi Seth

How to Choose a Pediatrician For Your Baby?

Are you pregnant and want a pediatrician for your unborn child? Your delivery date is around the corner and you want to know how to choose a pediatrician for your baby? A gynecologist is the go to person during your pregnancy, but before your delivery you should know about the good pediatricians nea

Self Care Tips for Moms
Arushi Seth

10 Simple Self Care Tips for Moms

Why am I discussing self care tips for mom? Should I not be talking about how to take care of a new born?  Yes, those little human beings we create need every bit of our attention because it is only the mother understands them. My question is who will take care of this mother? Things

Best Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizers in india
Arushi Seth

6 Best Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizers in India

As a mother, you want the best for your baby. Sanitizers are something we all use and especially with the babies to ensure they stay away from germs. When it comes to babies and kids, it is always recommended to use alcohol free sanitizers. The sanitizers which are made from natural ingredients and

anxiety in toddlers
Arushi Seth

6 Helpful Tips to Handle Anxiety in Toddlers

Not many people take anxiety in toddlers seriously and brush it off saying it is a joke. The fact of the matter is that anxiety in children under 10 does exist and parents need to handle it very carefully. Let me tell you about Little Miss A here. She started school in January this year

Gender Inequality In India
Arushi Seth

Break the Shackles of Gender Inequality In India: Raise Feminist Kids

Have you ever been a victim of gender inequality in India? Are there any other social issues which upset you? If you ask me, they do. This weekend I managed (that’s the word to use when you have a three-year-old) to see the much-acclaimed movie Article 15 and by the end of it, I had