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Father’s Day Gifting Ideas

Father’s Day Gifting Ideas

It’s the third Sunday of June and its time to celebrate the most important man in all our lives- Dads! While mothers generally exhibit the emotional side of a relationship, teach us resilience and encourage us in every step, fathers are generally not so expressive, and they do their job excellentl


The Changes Fatherhood Brings

It is said that every man needs a daughter to set him right; but I think every man needs a child for him to realize how beautiful like is. Fatherhood changes a man, and I have ample proof seeing the people around me. My mom often said how my father changed overnight once I was

Penguin Dad

My Daughter Has a Penguin Dad

Times have changed and so have the parenting styles. The way our parents brought us up is very different from how they were brought up and history repeated itself and our generation is doing it differently yet again. When I speak to my grandma she tells me how it was solely her job to take

Women Empowerment

Education and Women Empowerment

The word empowerment refers to power, strength, confidence and autonomy. To get empowered one has to come from a disempowered background. Empowerment begins with women. Traditionally, our society has defined the roles for Women and Men. Parenting and running the house were the responsibility of wome

Best Convertible Car Seat

Best Convertible Car Seat for your Baby

Baby gears that do multi-tasking jobs are one of the best choices to save cash and can be utilized for long time. Convertible car seat is such a remarkable baby gear, which you will need right from the hospital, during the first ride of the baby to home until he becomes a toddler. Reason to

Negative Emotions

How to Get Rid of Negative Emotions?

You might have often heard from your parents or certain spiritual gurus that there are no good or bad people in the world; their thoughts which culminate into negative actions are what make them good or bad. We all have negative emotions. Surely it depends on the intensity of negative thoughts, our

Reading Stories at Bed

Reading Stories at Bedtime is Wonderful

It isn’t a new idea to read stories to kids at bedtime. This has been in practice since years and has often been seen as a recreational and relaxing activity to let the children fall asleep sooner. Little do we know about the various benefits of reading stories at bedtime which have scientific rat

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is More Important than Intelligence

Conventional methods have it that your success at work, academics and in life is directly proportional to your IQ. Take a look at the education system we have; not just in India but around the world. The GPA system grades and compares students and the one with higher grades is considered more abled

Anand S Ahuja

Anand S Ahuja: You Give Us Hope

I do not think there will be many people who did not realize that Bollywood actress, Sonam Kapoor got married. We are not discussing her outfits, jewelry and what a big fat Indian wedding it was. We are going to talk about something many of us have missed and which I think needs special attention;

Jogging Stroller

Best Jogging Stroller Reviews

After having babies, maybe you get little time to continue with your regular routine which you used to follow before pregnancy, but you can come back slowly to that routine even after you are a new parent. Taking a good care of yourself and snatching some ‘me time’ can make you an entirely new p