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Hug child

Hug your Kid When They are Being Horrible

It is extremely important for parents to understand their kid’s psychology. Kids are very sensitive as they are not fully developed neither physically nor mentally. They are in a transition stage where you can find them being impulsive, arrogant and sometimes calm and silent. Every child is unique

Home Remedies for Soothing Gums During Teething

Home Remedies for Soothing Gums During Teething

Any milestone that your child reaches is an exciting time for you. it is similar when you find your baby’s teeth are coming and you are extremely happy about it. Though exciting, teething can be a painful time for the baby and also for the parents as the baby can be irritable and cranky all

Remedies for Common Ailments for Your Child

Remedies for Common Ailments for Your Child

As a first-time mother, every time the child falls sick, it is natural for one to panic and run to the doctor. When kids are small they tend to fall sick often as their immunity is still building up. While growing up I remember how my mom and grandmother would have home remedies for everything

Baby Essentials Kit

Mamaearth Travel Essential Kits: Travel With Ease

My husband today said. “You have wheels on your feet”. He was so right. Since Little Miss A turned 4 months, I have travelled extensively with her. Domestic to international, flight to road trip, hills to the beach and the last one being a cruise, we have done it all. For us as parents, travel

Baby In NICU

Baby in NICU is A Tough Phase

From the moment I realized I was pregnant, I waited for the day when I could hold by little one in my arms. I still remember the day when my doctor said we will need to do an emergency c section. At that moment my only concern was the well-being of the baby. The operation

Best Baby Powder

Best Baby Powder For your Baby’s Soft Skin in India

Using powders on babies was a regular practice while we were growing up. Later, many health issues were raised due to the usage of powder on babies by the American Association of Pediatricians. It is said that babies can inhale the small particles which can lead to respiratory problems. In my opinio

Safety Apps For Woman

Top Safety Apps For a Woman

Safety has become a big issue in the present times, especially for women. There are many reasons which are leading to this and this not a post about them. As security is a major point of concern, women have become reluctant to leave home. This solution is not a practical and sustainable one and othe

Best Wooden Cradles for Babies

Best Wooden Cradles for Babies in India

A safe place to sleep for your baby is one of the most important aspects to consider, and it is the most fundamental need of a child. The crib is the centerpiece and you can’t miss that out. Since cribs are vital furniture pieces, there is something for all tastes; modern and traditional and a

Travel With My Family

Why I Love To Travel With My Family?

Sitting in the lounge at the airport, we are ready to leave for a family holiday. We have been looking forward to this holiday for a long time. It is not that we have not taken breaks in the recent past, but we look forward to each and every holiday that we take together. My

First Aid at Home

First Aid at Home for Insect Bites

Summertime means your family has more time to enjoy outdoors. However, being outdoors, exposes your family, especially your baby to a number of insect bites and mosquitoes bites which usually leave nothing more than a red and itchy bump on your baby’s skin. However, mosquitoes and other bugs a