How to Stop Baby Hiccups After Feeding
Arushi Seth

How to Stop Baby Hiccups After Feeding?

Hiccups are very normal in babies, especially in the newborn ones. In general, hiccups are one of the normal behaviors or reflex action of the body and usually the baby hiccups after feeding.  However, it can be a startling experience for new parents seeing their baby having hiccups frequently and can be a reason for

Conceive baby
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Know Everything about Ovulation

I still remember when we decided to start trying to conceive, we both had a very vague idea about the so-called “fertile period”. We calculated on our own and tried for months but after no success went to a doctor who explained the whole process of how to conceive a baby and that is when

Exercises During Pregnancy
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12 Dangerous Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy

Exercise is safe and beneficial for women at all stages of pregnancy. Regular exercise during pregnancy even if done for a smaller duration of time helps the expecting mother stay healthy, both physically and mentally. As per a statistics report, pregnant women who get minimum recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day tend to have

Exercises During Pregnancy
Arushi Seth

Know Everything About Exercises During Pregnancy

Pregnancy, today is not really the concept of just sitting around and taking complete rest. Today, pregnant women are pro-actively taking up all tasks that are related to daily life like going to work, exercising, shopping, taking care of the household etc. The doctors also advise to remain active during pregnancy and to continue following

back pain in pregnancy
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How to Get Relief and Reasons for Back Pain in Pregnancy

After trying for months, when in October 2015 I realized I was pregnant, I was ecstatic. The first few weeks was all about being perpetually tired and sleeping, and then started the back pain. I had expected to get morning sickness but this came as a surprise to me. I remember, going to my gynecologist

Pregnancy travel
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How to Travel During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most wonderful phase in any woman’s life. You wait for days to get this good news, and when you get it your happiness gets doubled; your life gets full of joy and excitement. You count days to welcome the new member. Your family and friends shower their blessings on you and on

Baby In NICU
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Baby in NICU is A Tough Phase

From the moment I realized I was pregnant, I waited for the day when I could hold by little one in my arms. I still remember the day when my doctor said we will need to do an emergency c section. At that moment my only concern was the well-being of the baby. The operation

Follicular Scans
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Know Everything About Follicular Scans

I remember the day when we went to the doctor as we were not able to conceive. After asking a few questions, she explained the course of action, which included some blood tests and something I heard for the first time, follicular scans. I never knew something like that existed and also this would be

Conception and Pregnancy
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Common Misconceptions about Conception and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful phases of a life of a woman. It can easily be called the most complicated thing you would do in your life, but at the same time it is nothing short of a miracle to see a life grow inside you. I had a tough time conceiving

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A Delivery is A Delivery: The Normal Vs. C Sec Debate

Last weekend I met a newly married girl who started discussing motherhood with me and how scared she was about it. During the conversation she asked me, “What delivery did I have?” and when I said a C section, her instant reaction was “Don’t they say a normal one is better?” Hmmm.. better? Who has