Baby Sleep Mistake
Arushi Seth

Baby Sleep Mistakes You Could Mend

Babies can give you a tough time with their sleep patterns. New born babies get up every few hours for a feed and sleep. Some are up for long hours at night whereas some sleep easily. As parents we are so much engrossed in their feeding and sleeping that we often overlook the simple mistakes

Little One
Arushi Seth

Tips to Control TV Time for Your Little One

We live in a world of screens and as much as we need television and other screens to stay updated with the latest happenings in the world, we tend to often overdo it. Children are far more difficult to control and police once they have gravitated towards switching on the TV or laptop as a

Child’s Immunity
Arushi Seth

8 Habits that Can Weaken a Child’s Immunity

If you often wonder why your child falls ill frequently or stays lazy most of the times, this could be an indication that your child’s immunity is not developed or is hampered. According to a report by the World Health Organization, ‘the number of children suffering from asthma has doubled since 1980 in developed countries.’ Does

5 Values
Arushi Seth

5 Values You Should Teach Your Child By Age Five

Bringing up a child is not an easy job for sure. When a child is born they are like a canvas where you can add the colors you want to. As my daughter turns two the next month, I often sit and wonder what is that I would like to teach her and how would

Baby From Putting Everything In His Mouth
Arushi Seth

How To Stop Your Baby From Putting Everything In His Mouth?

You might have experienced or have heard from many parents, few of them worried, that once the baby reaches six months of age, everything the baby holds or grasps goes straight to the mouth. Well, this is not an uncommon situation and your little one is turning an explorer and trying to feel objects by

Mummies Instincts
Arushi Seth

Why Mummies Should Always Trust Their Instincts?

I always heard of the term mother’s instinct but never really understood what was it and how does one acquire it. My mother always had it I know. She would call when I wanted to talk to someone, she would know what I was feeling or what I wanted to eat. But then she has

Arushi Seth

The First Year of Motherhood

My best friend during my pregnancy was Google. I read information on everything I could. I also read all the books that were recommended, and with the pre-natal classes I thought I was well prepared to take on every challenge of motherhood. I am not saying that all the information that I gathered was unused,

Toddler to Talk
Arushi Seth

5 Effective Ways to Encourage Your Toddler to Talk

A recent research carried out at the University of Amsterdam states that majority of the babies start acquiring elementary language skills even before they are born! We have always known that kids learn faster and acquire the habits they are exposed to at a very early age. There is never a ‘right’ time you should

Changed After Becoming a Mother
Arushi Seth

How I Changed After Becoming a Mother

As soon as you decide to become a mother your life is never the same. The way you do things and the way you look at things changes completely. For a mom, motherhood is a metamorphosis and the changes that it brings about are more or less permanent. Through the journey when I was trying

perfect mother
Arushi Seth

I am Not a Perfect Mother and I Do Not Want to Be One!!

When I see mothers around me, I feel they are running in this rat race to be a perfect mother. Everybody wants to be the best mother and bring up the ideal baby. Why do we all forget that each child is different and so is every mother? We are constantly comparing the kids and