Do You Know The Amazing Benefits of Hugging Babies?

hug your baby

When Little Miss A was a few months old, I remember someone say hugging babies and carrying them frequently will spoil them? I could not even believe someone could think like that and for my happiness and mental sanity, I refused to even have a debate. (My mantra in life: do not react when you do not agree with someone. Stay calm!)

When Miss A had started walking and running, she would come running to us from somewhere and give a tight hug and kiss to us in her own unusual style. That undoubtedly was and now when she is 5 it still is the best part of our day.To date, she loves to hug and kiss us and I do not think I need a reason to hug her. I am sure many would agree it hugging your child is therapeutic. 

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Kisses and Hugs Uplift the Mood

Kisses and Hugs Uplift the Mood

The feeling of being loved by someone is unmatched. Think of the pre-lockdown times did a warm hug not lift our mood up?In normal scenarios, whether we meet someone after a long time or say goodbye, happy for someone on their success or our own or be it when we are sad and disappointed, a hug does miracles. We know that hugs always set things right.

One might not have ever thought of the science behind this instant satisfaction and sense of support we get from a hug. Scientific reasons state that a good 15 to 20 seconds of hug makes your child bond more with the parent, grow smarter, healthier and more resilient.

Similarly, huggingbabies is the most natural thing for parents, out of undefined love and affection. Kissing and hugging babies does boost up the emotional connection between the parent and the child. And much like hugs, there is science involved in the benefits of kissing your baby.

hugging babies

Science Behind Hugging Babies

Though I feel as a parent, you do not need a reason to hug your baby, but still, we can give scientific reasons. There are many studies that show that there are many benefits of hugging your baby. Let us discuss a few to understand the importance of hugging your child.

Hugs help in making the kids smarter

When it comes to hugging babies and the importance of hugging your child, the main reason is its impact on the growth of the child.

The cognitive development of a child depends a lot on the sensory stimulations like physical contact and hugs. A study on the orphaned and institutionalized children of Romania indicated impaired cognitive skills in them since they spent about 22 hours a day in cribs with limited human interaction.

However, when they were exposed to 20 minutes of tactile stimulation through hugs and touches, the children scored higher in the developmental assessments in about 10 weeks. Keeping in mind, not all touches can boost a child’s cognitive abilities; touches which are nurturing, gentle hugging provides stimulus to the brain for healthy development.

hug your baby

Hugs help in the growth

Studies indicate that hugging boosts the release of the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin.  This feel-good hormone, in turn, increases the release of other growth hormones like growth factor-I (IGF-1) and nerve growth factor (NGF). A nurturing hug and touch can thus, aid in the healthy growth of the baby. Thus, hugging babies is very important for the development of a child.

Hugging Babies Builds Immunity

Hugging releases the feel good hormone, oxytocin which in turn lowers the plasma level of thyroid hormones, thereby, leading to faster healing of wounds.

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Hugging creates resilience in kids

At birth, the kids do not have a strong nervous system and can thus not control their emotions of stress by themselves. At the time of distress, the cortisol levels are increased in the body and brain and studies indicate that a higher level of cortisol when left unchecked for long effect the immune system of the kids and also affect their memory and at a later stage, their verbal reasoning.

Hugs and nurturing touchesinitiate the release of oxytocin which lowers the stress level and makes children control their emotions and grow up to be more resilient. Read our post, Emotional Intelligence is More Important than Intelligence, to know why EQ is extremely important.

importance of hugging your child

Kissing helps in increasing the immunity in kids

As a mother kisses her newborn, the pathogens in the body of the baby is transferred to the mother through the mouth which then reaches the mother’s lymphoid organs- tonsils where memory B cells specific for the pathogens on the newborn’s body are re-stimulated. These B cells help to produce antibodies for those pathogens. While breastfeeding, the baby receives the antibodies for the pathogens in his body from the mother’s milk.

Kisses and Hugs Reduce Anxiety

Contrary to the belief that by hugging babies, they become dependent on you and this leads to emotional and behavioral problems, the truth is that it makes kids emotionally independent. When I hug or kiss Miss A all my stress goes away and then she is a baby for whom the world is her parents. It has been proved that hugs and kids reduce anxiety in kids, it also enables adults to handle stress better. To know more tips on handing anxiety in toddlers, read the post, 6 Helpful Tips to Handle Anxiety in Toddlers.

Kiss and Hug Your Baby

Go and Kiss and Hug Your Baby

Hugging and kissing not just have scientific benefits but the emotional benefits are galore. It not just creates a stronger bond between you and your child but also makes them happy and empathetic. As we all must have seen, a simple act of a long hug and a kiss to a distressed baby can pacify him and stop him from throwing tantrums. So keep hugging and kissing your little ones. After all, you are a mom, and it is the only job in the world where you are paid with hugs and kisses and there is no other way you will want it to be.

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  1. aww such an adorable post and me too, firmly believe in power of hugs and kisses..I did not know the scientific reasons behind this and it is really amazing to know that hugging and kisses increasing love and positive hormones. again a great post for the series.

  2. I really want to meet these people who have an opinion related to how much we should hug or kiss a child! That’s the most natural way to let them know how much we love them and give them a comfort of security. Very relevant post.

  3. A very cute and hugable post. Yes for children these special touches of kiss and hug are very important, they bring the message of closeness, touch, warmth with it. All your points are so true and valid. Keep hugging and spreading love and sharing that special bond with your kids always.
    thanks for sharing A very nice family pic of yours.

  4. Kissing and hugging may seems a common gesture for showing affection but for kids or for babies, it means more than that. Its a bonding time, sense of being loved, cared and no doubt the sin to skin touch plays a different role.

  5. Wow, that is so insightful post on hugs and kiss to kids that too with all the scientific reasons behind well written Arushi, I too believe Hugs and kisses heals much pain without uttering a single word, kids feel more confident and stronger, XOXO for the full of love post which is one of my favorites also.

  6. Hugs and kisses are a form of touch and that too positive touch. A child related with touch and as you mentioned it builds immunity and produces feel good hormones. Even now when Miss A feels like a tight hug works wonders for her. However baby A gets all the hugs. So even when your Miss A grows up don’t stop hugging and kissing her 🙂

  7. Awesome post and topic Arushi..very important.My mom was a refugee from Pakistan and lost her mom when she was 8….she looked after her kid bro and sister..she had a stepmother to boot.She could never hug or kiss us…I too became like that but I used to ask my husband to hug and kiss the kids in my behalf too. Gradually I started doing it and now I miss it as all live far away. My grandson gives me such adorable lip kisses it makes up for everything.

  8. You are bringing up such vital topics Arushi and I am so glad you have backed it up with science too. Loved the post and I too am an advocate of these hugs and kisses

  9. Hugs and kisses are underrated. Be it for your kids or otherwise, they can always boost your mood. I hadn’t heard about such scientific benefits, however. Nice to know. 🙂

  10. This is one aspect I am really proud of following dedicatedly as a parent. Thank you for this lovely post. Showcasing the importance of hugs and cuddles for babies.

  11. Interesting scientific reasons for a most spontaneous action! However I feel, that it should be done anyone besides the baby’s Mom and Dad .. other relations can talk to, sing, tell stories etc to demonstrate their love for the babies.

    • While I agree with you but i also feel we should not stop the child from exhibiting their emotions. If the child wants to hug and kiss someone in the family or a friend, it should be ok. However, we should never force them for it. Thanks for reading

  12. It’s really amazing what a kiss and hug can do! Even now that the kids are older- cuddles with them are the best mood-lifters for parents and children.

  13. I absolutely agree which each and every word you have mentioned in your post. I am not a very expressive mom, specially when it comes to expressing my love for my kids. I could appreciate them, encourage them, but saying ‘I love you kid’ is not much like me. So hugs come to my rescue always.

  14. Such an adorable post Arushi… My son is sitting next to me and I just huhged him. I didn’t know that hugging builds immunity too. I love to hug and cuddle my son but never knew it has so many benefits.

  15. This was the best post among the series. Hugs and kisses can definitely create magic. I knew few scientific reasons but the pathogens one really amazed me. Incredible post and amazing family pic.


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