Arushi Seth

Things You Hear as a Mother of a Preemie

When a woman gets pregnant her main aim in life is to ensure the best for her baby. She will do everything possible so that her child is healthy. I had a smooth pregnancy and I was an over-cautious would be mother as I did not want anything to go wrong. I ate healthy food,

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Arushi Seth

Tips to Handle the Disappointment of Not Conceiving

When you see people around you getting pregnant and having babies, you feel this is a simple game. To add to this wrong notion, we have our very own Bollywood movies, where getting pregnant seems to be a cakewalk. When we both decided to have a baby, we thought this would be simple and never

The First Trimester
Arushi Seth

The Beginning- The First Trimester

After months of trying to conceive and innumerable doctor visits, when I saw the two pink lines on the home pregnancy kit, I cannot even explain the feeling in words. Pregnancy and motherhood are the two most beautiful phases in the life of a woman. As soon as you find out you are pregnant, there

Arushi Seth

Tips to Recover After a C-Section

I had heard horror stories about life after a C-section delivery and this was one of the reasons I wanted a normal one. Things hardly turn out the way you plan them to be, and I ended up delivering by a C-section. With a premature baby in the NICU, I wanted to make sure that

Arushi Seth

Things I Miss About Being Pregnant

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of life. You create a life within you and it is nothing short of a miracle. How tough is your journey to conceive or if you had a difficult pregnancy, when you see that little angel, it all seems worth every minute of it. Life changes completely

Arushi Seth

Expect the Unexpected During Childbirth

October 2015, I saw the two lines on my home pregnancy test kit. The most beautiful phase of my life started from there. I had a lot of problem in conceiving so my doctor only congratulated me after the first ultrasound at six weeks. From then on, my only mission in life was to do

Arushi Seth

C Section-I Did Not Choose the Easy Way Out

A few days back at a social gathering I overheard the conversation of a group of middle aged ladies. They were talking of some girl they knew who was recently blessed with a daughter through a cesarean. They made it sound as if she had committed a crime. If she was guilty so was I.

Arushi Seth

The Pressure of Breastfeeding

It is the breastfeeding week. I am sure every new mom understands and knows how important it is for her to breastfeed the baby as that is the best food for the baby. As a society and as women, we need to also understand that there are times, in spite of all efforts, breastfeeding cannot

Arushi Seth

My Mind When I Went Through the C-Sec

I was wheeled in at 7:30 pm. My doctor was there. All formalities were done. My mom walked in at 8 pm. Now I broke down. I think the only person I admitted to how scared I was. She just kissed me and said, “All will be ok. There is nothing to worry.” I had

Arushi Seth

The Day I Delivered

Pregnancy undoubtedly is one of the most beautiful experiences of life and giving birth to a baby changes your life by 360 degrees. I had a smooth and largely uneventful pregnancy. I was 34 weeks pregnant and was actively making arrangements for the baby to arrive. My friends in my prenatal fitness class said I