First Day of School: A Confused Mother
First Day of School

First Day of School: A Confused Mother


Arushi Seth

Arushi Seth

I am a content writer by profession and a blogger by passion. Though a MBA by qualification, my most important learning come from my role of a wife and a mother. Motherhood is my new found love and I am enjoying every bit of it.

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  • Tips for First Day of School

    […] Little Miss A has settled in school and we have started a new phase of life with her. As I wrote earlier, the first day was not easy for me at all. However, I am more comfortable and so is she. The first day of school is a big milestone for both parents and the child. New and big steps in your child’s life create new and big feelings for both the child and the parents. I spoke to some parents before we started school and after a few days of experiencing it, there are some tips I would like to write about, which might make it easier for others. (Read out post, First Day of School, A Confused Mother) […]



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