6 Best Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizers in India

Best Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizers in india

As a mother, you want the best for your baby. Sanitizers are something we all use and especially with the babies to ensure they stay away from germs. When it comes to babies and kids, it is always recommended to use alcohol free sanitizers. The sanitizers which are made from natural ingredients and do not use alcohol are considered to be the safest and the best. And as all mothers, I am sure you too would like to know about the best hand sanitizers in India, as we only want the best for the little ones.

Why Use Hand Sanitizers?

Every single day we touch various things and thus, are exposed to various germs. Most of the infections that are caused are transmitted through hands, and thus, to keep the hands clean is very important. Traditionally, we were taught to use soap and water to wash hands and this undoubtedly still is the best way to keep hands clean. There are many times when water is not available like when travelling or when in the market. In these times, a hand sanitizer comes to use. With kids especially, there are many times when they are in a hurry to eat and have no patience to go to the washroom. I face this problem very often, and thus, I always carry a hand sanitizer.

Why Use Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizers

When it comes to babies and kids, it is very difficult to control what they put in their mouth. Babies especially have a habit of putting everything in their mouth including their hands. Sanitizers that are available commercially contain more than 60% alcohol. Thus, if these sanitizers are swallowed by the baby, they can cause alcohol poisoning. This is a reason why it is always better to use alcohol free hand sanitizers.

Best Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizers In India

Palm Safe

best hand sanitizers in India

We end up wasting a lot of water in the process of washing our hands. Well, you no longer need to worry about the same. Palm Safe is a foam-based hand sanitizer that comes from the makers of Pee Safe. It’s the same company, whose idea of going to the toilet on the go for women was an instant hit.

The sanitizer is quite good at getting rid of germs and offering you coverage against them. At the same time, it also helps your skin to remain smooth. It is alcohol-free, which ensures that your hands do not dry out, as is the case with some traditional hand sanitizers. Click here to buy this.

Herbo Clean

best hand sanitizers in India

When it comes to the best hand sanitizers in India, this one is certainly on top of the list. If you like small and compact things, you will fall in love with Herbo Clean’s hand sanitizer. At just 18 ml, it is compact and fit into your purse with ease. It has a minty smell which brings about a lot of freshness. But do not get carried away with its smell, with ingredients such as eucalyptus, clove, basil, rosemary, mint etc. it is very effective. Together these ingredients ensure better protection than any alcohol-based sanitizer. I always prefer to use natural ingredient based products and this one is my favorite. It also comes in a strawberry variant. You can buy this amazing minty smell alcohol free sanitizer by clicking here.

Herbal Strategi NatureClean

best hand sanitizers in India

The name does give away a lot of functionality of this sanitizer. It helps you to get rid of germs in the most natural way possible. Herbal Strategi contains ingredients like tulsi oil, lemon oil, lemongrass oil and neem oil. It is no secret that neem and lemon make it to the ingredient list as they have been used for ages now for their antibacterial properties. And the presence of tulsi oil ensures that your skin remains soft and does not dry out. Click here to buy this natural hand sanitizer. You can also read about other products from Herbal Strategi here.

Puro Herbal

best hand sanitizers in India

The Puro Herbal hand sanitizer is ideal for people who like to be constantly on the move. Its compact dimensions make it easy enough to fit anywhere. The sanitizer comes in small sachets, which is enough for one-time usage. In fact, it is ideal for kids, who can pour a lot more than they require. The sanitizer is available in three different varieties, Vanilla, Basil and Lemon. The mild fragrance ensures that your senses are treated while getting rid of germs. Puro Herbal contains natural ingredients such as Sathi, Ushira and Dhanyaka, which get rid of germs and keep your skin soft. This is one of the best hand sanitizers in India and you can buy it by clicking here.


best hand sanitizers in India

The hand sanitizer from TreeWear is another amazing natural product. The company believes in eco-friendliness, no surprises there, and in creating a sustainable balance. In other words, planting of trees for the resources that we use. TreeWear produces zero waste while making the hand sanitizer. This alcohol-free sanitizer is made of essential oils, which kill the germs and keep your hands smooth. This sanitizer comes in three blends; calming, balanced and energizing. You can buy an assortment by clicking here and see which one you like the best.

Resil Klenza

best hand sanitizers in India

This foam based hand sanitizer is free of alcohol. The formula of the sanitizer contains powdered silver, which works like a charm to remove unwanted germs that lurk onto humans. The sanitizer comes in two different fragrances, Smooth Strawberry and Cool Cologne. This non-toxic sanitizer will keep germs away and leaves a pleasant mild fragrance. You can buy this alcohol free hand sanitizer by clicking here.

Alcohol free hand sanitizers are great as they are safe and keep the germs away too. It is a myth that the best hand sanitizers in India are the ones which have alcohol. Hope this post helps you to go chemical free when it comes to your sanitizers.

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    • In present times of Covid 19 the alcohol sanitizers are not effective. Apart from that the alcohol free sanitizers are safer than the other ones in the market. They should be used in times of emergency. These are safe for six month babies but care must be taken that the baby does not put their hand in their mouth though they do not contain alcohol. As far as possible try and wash the hands. Hope this helps. 🙂


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