Years Fly By In a Wink Leaving Memories to Cherish

years fly by

When I say ‘years fly by in a wink’ I am sure most parents would agree with me. Last month, during a conversation with my mom I happened to mention my age, and she replied saying I wonder when you grew up so fast. I was a little amused then and thought, she gave me birth how she can ask this. Then started the Blogchatter A to Z Challenge and for the first time I decided to post Little Miss A’s pictures. While scrolling through my photo gallery, I had the same thought; when did my baby grow up?

Memories, Memories and Memories

I remember everything from the day in the hospital when the doctor said we will need to do an emergency c-sec to the breastfeeding struggles to her learning to sit and crawl and walk and I can go on and on. And now she is planning her 4th birthday all day with what presents she wants and how I need to surprise her. (I wonder will she be surprised also after those instructions). On her first birthday, she had no clue what was happening and why had mumma got so many balloons. I think the only thing she was excited about that her grandparents had come from Dehradun and she was the centre of attraction (again there was nothing new in that).    

Time flies and all we are left with some beautiful memories to cherish. They grow up daily and the first few years have so much for us to see. From the time where they slept all day to the daily struggle at night to put them to sleep, from the first solid to telling them to finish their meals, from being the only person who understood them to sending them to formal school where someone else will be as important as you are, from those expressionless faces to that cute smile and to the lovely kisses and hugs that we get daily; they really grow up fast and years fly by in a wink.

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years fly by

Years Fly By Before You Realise

Each day sometimes seems so long handling tantrums and running after them for different things. Like these days, in our case, the zoom classes are just not working and every day I have to try new things to create interest. The days do seem tiring but when you look back you wonder where did the years fly?

Each phase of parenting comes with its set of challenges but also lots of smiles and happiness. Try and enjoy each phase with them. I once read a quote,

“There are only 940 Saturdays between your child’s birth and the day they leave for college”

18 years seems long but 940 Saturdays seem less. Isn’t it? I can speak as a mother to a nearly 4 year old baby, the years will fly by and we have no control over them. If you want my advice just do two things:

Spend Quality Time with Them

Do not bother with the number of hours you can give to them daily or weekly, just spend 30 minutes with them. Give them undivided attention and do things that make them happy. The time will be a gift that no expensive gift can ever match. May be as kids they will prefer the expensive toy but when they grow up they will remember this time and then it will be too late for you to give it to them. Time creates a bond, a connection that sets the foundation for a strong lifelong relationship. If you need to make a conscious effort, make it. Grandparents and nannies are there to help you but they cannot take your place, as no one understands your child the way you do.

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Take Loads of Pictures

I believe keeping a record of their growing up memories is the best thing you can do. It is not a gift for them but for us too. As I said, the last month as I have looked at the phone gallery for Little Miss A’s pictures I have spent time looking at cute videos and lovely pictures. To get that one decent picture I have 5 others, but they all are gorgeous just like my baby.

There is a difference in recording every moment to keeping a record of the special ones. When you get over obsessed about it, you forget to enjoy the moments. I take many pictures, as I send them to her grandparents and then on her birthday I make a photo book for her. This has all her important days and a record of her year along with the best pictures. Trust me, when it comes after print, everyone loves to see it and so does she. And these are the records of the memories.

You Cannot Hold the Time

Years fly by and there is nothing we can do about it. Just live in the present and enjoy each and every moment you can with them. The tantrums, the toilet training, the discipline, the breastfeeding, the sleep issues will be all be a thing of the past which you might not even remember. Create memories and save them.  For when they will fly away to their own nest, you will have these to remind you and them of the beautiful moments you spent with them.

“Hold on to the tiny moments and cherish the little snuggles.. They grow up so fast!”


  1. What a beautiful post, Arushi! I raised my eyebrows when I read 940 Saturdays. God! They really sound less and life will pass by in a jiffy. It’s true we must cherish the time we spend with our loved ones. They are so special, and as you mention, we must spend quality time with them. Every minute must be cherished and filled with love.

  2. They grow up so fast even before you realize it. My son’s 4.6 year old now and I continue feeling that he was just born the other day. It’s like the sands in our palm, however much we try to hold them, they will grow out of ours arms.

  3. First a big congrats to you sharing such amazing topics throughout the series. I loved your series entirely and I would love to say that you are an amazing mom..this post was again an awesome read and I also feel the same way as you do. now, my girls are big and I also feel the same that these years fly by in a wink. and now, I missed their early childhood days so much.

  4. I remember in my teenage years each time I did something responsible or something that showed I was independent, my mom would go “Ohh when did you grow up so much!”. It was amusing to me. Before I move away for work, I’m cherishing every moment I have with her at home now. We all need to <3

  5. Years do fly away in a blink….hundred percent agreed. Where we keep fretting over everyday hassles, we realize one day that time has really gone by! Such lovely thought you have shared- To learn to live in present and rejoice it!

  6. Every word you say is so true. My elder one just turned 7 and I was like “Where did the years go?” And looking at your pictures of the Phtoto books, I have decided to get the same done for my kids too

  7. Such a lovely post, Arushi. I literally had goosebumps while reading this. Also, as I read each word I remembered how Miss A has become 7 and the years just flew so quickly and even with Baby A she is already 5 months and I just wonder how quickly the days have passed by. Loved the 940 Saturdays quote. So while your Miss A is small, hug her kiss her and spend time with her because they literally grow up in a wink.

  8. Awww Arushi your post made me so emotional… I’m going to miss my naughty little boy when he’s all grown up. We must cherish this time!

  9. Years do fly by in a wink. Now that my firstborn will turn 18 in another two months’ time, I have the same question, when did he grow so big and tall? With time, things have come full circle. It was he who used to be after us for this and that. And now that he is mature and grown-up, I am after him for this and that, and I am loving it. Probably I grew as a mother while grew up to be a fine young man!

  10. I am stuck here Arushi “There are only 940 Saturdays between your child’s birth and the day they leave for college” strange how this line changed my perception to count my days, well said dear cherish memories live it and love it keeping in mind how these beautiful tiny tots will become college-goers in the blink of eyes.

    • I agree. Though my daughter is 4 but i still feel scared at the mere thought. My respect for my parents has increased multiple times that they were able to let me go and not say it once how much it hurts them.

  11. You are saying this with your 3 years old, imagine when I look back from my kiddo who just entered teens. I so miss his childhood days and growing up fun. Clicking loads of pics is a must I feel, it refreshes the memories. Years do fly by so spent maximum with your kids. Lovely post.

  12. Very heartfelt Arushi and I agree though time flies parenting at every stage is a different kind of struggle. Like you I too like taking a lot of pictures. It was a pleasure sailing this AtoZ with you buddy. All the best for your e-book

  13. Just 940 Saturdays.. I never calculated that! Years definitely fly by and we need to utilise every moment to make a beautiful memory for us to cherish. beautiful post

  14. Lovely post! I still remember my baby girl almost like yesterday and now I am a grandmother!! Time flies, Time heals, As you rightly said, we must focus on creating happy, unique moments that will make our kids independent, strong to face the world, take the right decisions and yet stay bonded to the family. Seems like a tall order right? But I think all of you are wonderful Moms and will do this easily!!

  15. […] Time flies and all you are left with are these beautiful memories. Often, I look at all pics and videos of my newborn baby, and I cannot even believe she was so tiny. Keep a record of their milestones and the amazing things they do. Trust me, you will never regret it. I make a photo book every year for her, it is so therapeutic to sit and see her pics and be surprised how fast she is growing up. […]


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