Conception and Pregnancy
Arushi Seth

Common Misconceptions about Conception and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful phases of a life of a woman. It can easily be called the most complicated thing you would do in your life, but at the same time it is nothing short of a miracle to see a life grow inside you. I had a tough time conceiving

Hospital Bag
Arushi Seth

The Hospital Bag Packing List

Motherhood is a long journey starts as soon as you conceive and lasts a lifetime. And as mothers, its natural to make sure that you are taking enough care of yourself and the needs of the baby at the same time. The joy of having a kid in the house knows no bounds. The family

Arushi Seth

A Delivery is A Delivery: The Normal Vs. C Sec Debate

Last weekend I met a newly married girl who started discussing motherhood with me and how scared she was about it. During the conversation she asked me, “What delivery did I have?” and when I said a C section, her instant reaction was “Don’t they say a normal one is better?” Hmmm.. better? Who has

Kids Sensitive
Arushi Seth

Making Kids Sensitive is Important Too

While many parents are dealing with a highly sensitive child, others might thank their stars that their child does not throw up tantrums or throw a fit of crying when their demands are not met. And indeed, it might perplex you to read ‘Making Kids Sensitive is Important Too’. Here’s why. By saying make your

Mothers Day
Arushi Seth

A Letter to My Daughter On Mother’s Day

It is Mother’s Day on 13th May, 2018 and all kids are busy making cards and buying gifts for their mothers. As I am a mother too now, this day should also be all about me but the little one is few days short of two so I decided to write something for her as

Mother and child hugging
Arushi Seth

Time to Celebrate Mothers The Right Way

Ma-I don’t think I can even write what this word means to me. The word evokes countless emotions; love, protection, selfless and unconditional love, protection and basically everything and anything which has been there in my life. After all, everything beautiful in my life is because of her as she brought me into this world.

Woman’s Guide to Relaxation
Arushi Seth

A Working Woman’s Guide to Relaxation

A working woman and relaxation- sounds weird? Most women who are reading this now would have a sarcastic smile with ‘Do we ever get time to relax?’ thoughts going on in their head. True enough! We do not. Whether you are a single working woman or a mother or a wife to someone, the responsibilities

Kids to Have a Routine
Arushi Seth

5 Reasons Why It is Important for Kids to Have a Routine

A routine followed makes our lives a lot more organized and stable; there is no doubt! You might have observed, a lot of things remain pending for days- be it your workout, that day out you planned with your friend, and many day to day chores pile up just because we do not follow a

Arushi Seth

Co-Sleeping Affects your Child’s Personality

The idea of co-sleeping with your child may seem to be old school to many who prefer to let their child sleep in a different room or bed right from the early years. According to anthropologist Emmy Elizabeth Warner, “90 percent of cultures, infants slept with their parents, and not in cradles or cribs.” Co-sleeping

Baby Sleep Mistake
Arushi Seth

Baby Sleep Mistakes You Could Mend

Babies can give you a tough time with their sleep patterns. New born babies get up every few hours for a feed and sleep. Some are up for long hours at night whereas some sleep easily. As parents we are so much engrossed in their feeding and sleeping that we often overlook the simple mistakes