Exercises During Pregnancy
Arushi Seth

12 Dangerous Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy

Exercise is safe and beneficial for women at all stages of pregnancy. Regular exercise during pregnancy even if done for a smaller duration of time helps the expecting mother stay healthy, both physically and mentally. As per a statistics report, pregnant women who get minimum recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day tend to have

Burp your baby
Arushi Seth

Why is It Important to Burp Your Baby?

For a first-time mother, there are many new things which she hears of and learns. This journey comes with its own twists and tales, but no manual. As a first-time mom, there were many things which I started doing because I was told they had to be done. The first thing I remember was breastfeeding.

cutting the baby’s nails
Arushi Seth

Tips for Cutting Your Baby’s Nails

When it comes to a baby, one of the toughest things that you need to do as a parent is cutting the baby’s nails. I am always scared as I feel I might hurt her or I might not cut them properly (her father is very particular about it). I only cut the baby’s nails

Baby Turns 2 years old
Arushi Seth

Is Your Baby Already 2 Years Old?

I have often said this in my posts and I will reiterate today, parenting is not an easy game as children do not come with a manual. Each child is different and they grow in different ways. You see a lot of change in them on a daily basis and they reach different milestones at

Growth Spurt in Babies
Arushi Seth

Growth Spurt in Babies in the First Year

All mothers remember that first day when they held their little bundle of joy. And all moms would agree that they all grow up so fast. Time flies with babies!! Babies grow over a period of time but there are some growth spurts which most babies go through.  Growth spurts are days when the baby

mother and son

Motherhood – A Blissful Journey

It all started the day I saw him for the first time. Tiny legs, clenched fists, thin lips; that very moment is imprinted in my mind and soul forever. Then started the vicious circle of feeding, changing, and cradling which seemed to be an endless affair for me but as they say “Time flies”, from

guilty mother
Arushi Seth

I am a Guilty Mother, I Do Not Follow Rules

I remember before we had Little Miss A, my husband and I would see children in restaurants watching phones and iPads. We both thought this was irresponsible behavior of the parents who cannot keep the child occupied. I would see children throwing tantrums and again I would think, these are things I will never allow

Care For A New Born Baby
Arushi Seth

Tips to Care For A New Born Baby

Babies do not come with a manual and no books, websites or experiences of others can teach you how to take care of your baby. The biggest learning comes when you become a mother and have the real experience of taking care of your baby. Though a mother understands her baby the most, however, it

Baby In NICU
Arushi Seth

Baby in NICU is A Tough Phase

From the moment I realized I was pregnant, I waited for the day when I could hold by little one in my arms. I still remember the day when my doctor said we will need to do an emergency c section. At that moment my only concern was the well-being of the baby. The operation

Follicular Scans
Arushi Seth

Know Everything About Follicular Scans

I remember the day when we went to the doctor as we were not able to conceive. After asking a few questions, she explained the course of action, which included some blood tests and something I heard for the first time, follicular scans. I never knew something like that existed and also this would be