Know Everything About Tubal Cannulation

Tubal Cannulation

Infertility issues are increasing day by day and lifestyle changes are the most important reasons for the same. As problems are increasing science is also evolving and in the field of medicine new and better treatments are available to improve the conditions. A woman who is trying to have a baby goes through various stages and when she goes to the doctor, at some stage of the treatment, the doctor might suggest to check for tubal blockage and this is something that must be done.

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The process to check for any kind of blockage in the fallopian tubes is known as Tubal Cannulation. The doctors take help of a hysteroscope which helps them to see inside the womb of the patient. The hysteroscope is inserted in the body through the neck of the womb. This procedure is called hysteroscopic cannulation


Flushing The Tubes

I had a tough time conceiving and tubal cannulation was the first procedure the doctor had advised after all the regular blood tests were done and we had tried with medicines and follicular scans. Read our post on Know Everything About Follicular Scans.

The doctor advised to get the tubes flushed as this will clear any blockages in the tubes which might be affecting the fertilization of the egg and the sperm. In this procedure, the doctor inserts a dye in the tubes which shows if there is any blockage. Fallopian tubes are the place where the egg comes to after being released from the ovaries and it is here where it fertilizes and then goes to the uterus for implantation.

During the fallopian tube cannulation process if the doctor finds some kind of partial blockage, it can be cleared after tubal cannulation and this increases the chances of conceiving. But for women, whose tubes are completely blocked, they are advised treatments like IVF to conceive.

Pain Involved and Cost for the Procedure

The fallopian tube cannulation procedure is painful for some and comfortable for some. When I got it done, the time when the dye goes in was very painful but I took a day to recover. Some doctors advise a pain killer or a nerve calmer to make it easier. For a woman trying to conceive, more than the process, I think it’s the anxiety which takes over and adds to the pain and trauma.

The cost varies from case to case and clinic to clinic. Sometimes the complicated cases and severity of problems make the procedure more expensive. On an average, the cost varies from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 40,000.

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Success Rates of Tubal Cannulation

Tubal diseases are the most common when it comes to women suffering from infertility. Blockage in the tubes is again very common and is the reason many have a difficulty in conceiving. Tubal cannulation is a non-invasive treatment and is done before any surgical interventions. If the blockage is near the uterus, the chances of success is as high as 80% but if the blockage is at the end of the tubes, the success rate reduces to about 25%.

Fallopian Tube Anatomy Fallopian Tube Obstruction Or Blocked Fallopian Tubes. A Major

When to Avoid Fallopian Tubal Cannulation

The doctor will do all investigations and then only recommend a tubal cannulation. Usually they will not advise the patients with the following problems to go in for this procedure:

  • Scarring in fallopian tubes
  • Any previous surgery of the fallopian tubes
  • Damage to the tubes
  • Severe blockage due to which the catheter cannot pass
  • Tuberculosis in the genitals or any other infection
  • Distal blockage at the end of the tube

As I have gone through it, I know it is a trauma for a woman when she wants a child and is not able to conceive. There are several investigations and treatments which help many and thus, listen to your instincts and trust your doctor. the journey is tough but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Be positive and stay calm, because when you see the face of the little one for the first time, you will remember nothing of this journey.

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