I Bleed Red

I Bleed Red

I bleed red.

Every month, I bleed red.

When the days are around,

When the cycle starts its count,

I bleed red.

It gives me a chance,

To grow, to bloom,

To nurture, to transform,

To give birth, to reborn.

Yes, I bleed red.

It gives me the pain,

It gives me the reason,

To be someone of my own,

A woman, a daughter, a mother.

I receive the blessing to be called,

A queen, a warrior.

Yes, I bleed red.

It gifts me the purpose of life,

A way to live life to the fullest,

And to journey, beyond.

This is what I am proud of,

Surviving the fight, every month, I reborn.

Yes, I bleed red.

To speak it aloud,

I am never ashamed.

For in red, I find,

My voice, my glory

My name, my story.

– Swarnali Nath


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Swarnali Nath, is an Electronics and Instrumentation Engineer. Writing and music are her ways to escape this worldly life. She is also a trained classical singer and a Lifestyle Blogger. She blogs at The Saffron Journal. She writes poems, short stories, scribbles, letters, reviews and articles. She is also a regular writer at YourQuote and Tollfeed. Her short story 'Liberation' has been published in Story Mirror. Her poem 'Dying Dreams' has been submitted to an anthology of motivational poems, named 'I Stand Strong'. She writes a new genre of writing created by her, Bandish - The Raga Tales, where she blends the moods of a certain raga with her words, and thus she forms a musical writing piece. She loves to write poems on Divine Love, adding a flavour of Sufism. She also writes One Word Story, where she writes scribbled stories with a single word title, representing that word in a different perspective. Presently, she is working on her mini journal, 'Queen', where she is collecting and curating women stories. Because she strongly believes, “Every woman is a warrior, Every woman is a queen.” You can follow her work on Instagram @fakiraa_tales and in Twitter @fakiraatales.



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