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10 Best Baby Teethers in India

Teethers can be a lifesaver for the parents with a teething baby. The early teething symptoms start from 3 to 4 months, even quite before your baby is about to have teeth. This is a rough time for both baby and the mummy, as the baby gets irritable and soothing him is a task sometimes with various other side effects like upset stomach, cold, fever etc. But you can’t do much in this natural process except providing a little help to calm down your fussing baby and one such way is giving a teether.

Why teethers are important

Baby needs to chew on things to soothe their sore gums at the time of teething. The painful period of the first cutting of the tooth for the babies is quite uncomfortable for them. You can help them to provide some comfort by introducing a teething toy to the enraged baby. Teething toys not only help them to get relief from the pain but it actually helps them with their motor skills. The simple act of chewing the toy helps them to relieve the pressure they feel on their gums. They also learn how to move around their tongue.

Teethers functions to provide soothing property, thus they are also known as soother or pacifier. They are also handy to get some extra time to find a suitable place for breastfeeding, while the baby is hungry. Some suck finger or thumb which often becomes a habit which is difficult to get rid of, the teethers can reduce this problem.

Different teethers available for babies

The best time to keep a teething toy at home is when the age of the baby is two months. It gives them comfort while helping them with their development. It’s always better for the parents to be prepared before the problem occurs. Keep a variety of teethers because your baby can hate the same kind of teether every time. There are various kinds of teething toys:

  • BPA approved plastic material: Babies chew the teethers so it is important for you to get a good quality and child use approved plastic toy.
  • Woods or silicone material: Safer than plastic
  • Teethers filled with soothing gel: You can refrigerate this soothing gel and give your baby to use it.
  • Pacifiers with clips: It can be clipped on the baby garment and the baby can use it independently, whenever he wants
  • Easy holding types: Choose a teether which is easy to use and your baby can handle well
  • Teething toys which make noise: Rattling noise makes the baby happy so you can choose that serves the dual purpose of teethers as well as toys.
  • Various sizes of teethers: Choose the right size so that it’s not so small which can be dangerous for choking hazard and neither too large to make it

Tips to help sore gums of the baby

If your baby is teething and seems really fussy try out some remedies to help the soreness of the gums

  • Rub your baby gums with sterilized and moistened gauze pad or clean finger without nails
  • Use chilled spoon or cloth or cold teething ring
  • Try hard food like peeled and chilled cucumber or carrot if your baby can have solid foods
  • Dry the drool with a clean cloth that is caused by excessive use of hands, fingers or teething ring
  • Try over the counter acetaminophen or consult the doctor if the baby is too much cranky

Teethers available in India

Infant and Toddler Baby Tooth Gel Teether

It cools and soothes the tender gums of the babies and the textured surface gives light massage to the gums when the baby chews on the teethers. Babies above 3 months can easily hold it as the product is ergonomically designed. This is a water-filled teether that can be refrigerated before giving it to the baby.

Chewy Tube Teether

This teether is helpful for refocusing and developing oral motor skill. FDA approved thermoplastic polymer material is safe for use for a baby. This is also free of latex, PVC, lead or phthalates. The ¾ inch stem and ridges have been designed for better grip and movement. This teether can be used up to 2 years of age of the baby.

Silicone Food Nibbler

It has a two in one purpose which is both a fruit holder and teething toy that massages baby’s sore gums and stimulates mouth movement. It can hold fresh fruits and vegetables and even medicines. It has an anti-choking design as it only allows the tiniest food pieces to go through and thus prevents choking. It is for the 4 to 6 months old babies. The material is 100% BPA free. It has a nipple cap to avoid accidental spillage of food.

Wooden Teether Stick

This teether stick and ring combo are made from Milkwood of the Evergreen Tree. It has both hard and soft surface to let the baby choose the type he prefers. The hard surface makes the baby muscle more strong and it’s safe for children. The handmade, pure organic and eco-friendly teether is a safer option than using other plastic or silicon materials.

Glow in the Dark Teether

It ensures natural development of teeth and gums and it has an orthodontic symmetrical collapsible nipple. The taste and odour free silicon nipples make the transition period easy between breast and bottle.

Baby Food Feeder cum Teether

This BPA free food graded teether allows your baby to enjoy tiny portions of delicious food safely. The baby can chew, suck soothe himself independently and with confidence. It can also help to prevent the dietary biases in the babies. This can be used by the babies over 4 months.

Soft Silicon Teething Necklace

The beautiful eye-catching rainbow beads will be an instant delightful teething toy for your baby. They will be engaged with this bright necklace which is made of food grade silicone and soft durable thread. This is safe, non-toxic, well rounded and with no sharp edge for infant use. This teething toy is easy to access as it can be worn in the neck and will not be displaced or get dirty. It can be sterilized and it is taste and odour-free. Mommies can also wear them to look stylish and keep the babies engage.

Teething Mitten with Travel bag

The soft silicone teething surface helps to relieve sore gums and the mitten protects baby from scratching. It comes in a hygienic travel bag which is perfect for on the go. It is an innovative product which holds baby teether and protects baby from chewing hands. It is BPA free, easy to clean and machine washable, ideal for 3 months + babies.

Fruit Shape Teether

The fruit shape is eye-catching for the babies for its bright colours. It is 100% food grade silicone and BPA free. The soft and flexible material has multiple teething surfaces to soothe baby gums. It is easy to clean and is refrigerator safe. It is a BPA free soft and safe and perfect-sized teether perfectly designed for the easy baby grip.

Massaging Teether

This lightweight multi-coloured teether is easy to use for the infants. The bright cherry colour will instantly catch the eye of the baby. The BPA free material makes the mummy worry free to use for kids. Babies can easily grab and put it in the mouth to develop motor skill.

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