Vaya Preserve Kids Lunch Kit Review: Perfect Choice for Little Ones

Vaya Preserve Kids Lunch Kits

Are you a mom who faces a problem packing and sending a lunch box for the little one? Do you wonder which is a good tiffin for the child? If yes, Vaya Preserve Kids Lunch Kit is the solution you are looking for.

Getting kids to eat their food sometimes (or rather most) of the times is a herculean task. And when a tiffin has to be sent to school or for a class, it just adds to the stress. Are you a mother who faces this challenge too?

Well, I have faced this problem when my daughter started going to school or when I needed to carry a snack for her classes. Always fussy and finding reasons to not eat; her health and nutritional intake became a problem.

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Came the Coronavirus, and kids were locked at home. Now things are opening and we have to start moving out with kids. Letting them eat outside is still not safe, and thus, home-cooked food is what is preferred. The problem still is, how to send or carry food. I have found the perfect solution and will share with you too.

vaya preserve lunch kit

The Solution: Vaya Preserve Kids Lunch Kit

What is needed is a good tiffin and trust me, a good and attractive tiffin makes the job to feed them easier. When I had first faced this issue, I realized what worked with her was an attractive tiffin box. The designs she liked all came in plastic and I was never happy especially when she was carrying hot home cooked food.

I researched and then I found the Vaya Preserve Kids Lunch Kit. Vaya is a known brand when it comes to tiffin boxes. Earlier, they had the 1000ml variant which was big for kids, but now they have different sizes which suit school and college going kids including, 300ml, 500ml and 600ml.

This new range is not only cute but compact and easy to use, even by younger kids. And the designs are really attractive and I am very sure the kids will love it.

The Vaya Preserve Kids Lunch Kit comes in two sizes of 300ml and 500ml and you can buy the one that suits your requirement the most. Apart from these, for older kids, there is an option of 600ml ones too and these come in the range of Vaya Tyffyn. Let us discuss all aspects in detail.

vaya kit with cutlery

Vaya Preserve Kids Lunch Kit-300 and 500ml

The Design

Let us start with the incredible designs the Vaya Preserve Kids Lunch Kit comes in before we see the features and why I choose the tiffin for my daughter.

Both the 300ml and 500ml variant comes in green and graphite colors with three animal designs of Simba, Panda and Bunny. All three are very cute and kids have a problem in choosing them. Size is something the parents can decide depending on the usage.

Both sizes come with an option to buy the cutlery and these come in the option of Unicorn and paw.

The Features of Vaya Preserve Kids Lunch Kit

Design is something the kids look at and is the best marketing tool a company has to lure them. But when it comes to winning the confidence of a parent, the design is the least of their criteria. As a mom, I am no exception.

The way we shop now is I shortlist things where I am satisfied with the features and then the design part the little one gets to choose. (At 4, she does have a mind of her own with strong likes and dislikes).

After having used Vaya Preserve Kids Lunch Kit for a while, I can say the following confidently:

Makes it Easy to Carry Food

For little kids feeding is a task and when they have to eat on their own, we have to ensure the box is kid-friendly. The box has a wide mouth which makes it easy to keep food and for the kids to scoop out and eat. We have carried everything from rice, pasta, noodles and salads to soups and other one pot meals.

As the box is insulated, hot food stays hot for 4-5 hours and of course, the cold food also stays the same. In fact, for some classes or times, she has to snack in the car, I have carried some fruits, dry fruits and nuts and popcorns too. With the wide mouth, Miss A finds it easier to pick and eat with her hand or a fork.

Easy to Carry

The Vaya Preserve Kids Lunch Kit is made of Neoprene material which is easy to clean and light to carry. The lunch box is portable and can be easily carried to school or for any outdoor activity. The cutlery is also made of stainless steel and can be used by kids of all ages.

The lids are leak proof making it easy to carry liquids as well, like soup or a lentil. This is a big USP for me which makes it easy to pack more options else always looking for dry food becomes a task.

vaya preserve lunch box

Options and Safety

The Vaya Preserve Kids Lunch Kit can be bought with cutlery or without it. As mentioned, the cutlery comes in two options and the box in 3 designs and 3 colors. Both the versions come with one preserve container (300ml or 500ml) made of stainless steel making the food safe. The plastic parts are FDA certified and BPA free making it suitable for kids.

Insulated Containers

The food temperature is maintained for 5 hours as the containers are double-walled with vacuum insulation. Vaya uses the best material to ensure food stays at the desired temperate and is safe to use by kids.

One thing to note here is that the temperature of the packed food or liquid is relative to how hot it was when you pack the food. If food is packed immediately after cooking, it stays hot for 4-5 hours. For kids, this is good enough as they do not want piping hot food but yes, there are things like noodles and pasta you might not want them to eat cold.

The taste of the food stays the same retaining the natural flavor and there is no after taste.

Vaya Preserve Kids Lunch Kit for Your Little One

Vaya Preserve Kids Lunch Kit

If you are looking for a good lunch box for your kid, look no further. The Vaya Preserve Kids Lunch Kit is the safest and cutest option without any compromise on quality or safety. The vacuum insulated containers are made of stainless steel that keep the food fresh and safe. The bags are super cute making the kids excited to carry them to school or for picnics or their classes.

So the Vaya Preserve Kids Lunch Kit is the perfect answer to a mother’s concern and a child’s desire for a fun design. With a compact design, you can ensure your child gets the goodness of home-cooked food always. To buy this lunch box for your kid, click here.


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