Never Force Your Kids for These 7 Things
Never Force Your Kids

Never Force Your Kids for These 7 Things


Arushi Seth

Arushi Seth

I am a content writer by profession and a blogger by passion. Though a MBA by qualification, my most important learning come from my role of a wife and a mother. Motherhood is my new found love and I am enjoying every bit of it.

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  • Why You Should Never Compare Your Children With Others?

    […] When we compare the child to others, we are always focusing on their weaknesses and are forcing kids to work on them. In this rat race, we completely ignore their strengths which we all need to work on. If the focus is always on the negatives, it is natural for a child to lose his or her self-esteem. All parents must appreciate the fact that each child is different and has a different pace to learn. The education system is anyways a nuisance, and when we add pressure at home by comparison, the child will lose confidence. (Read the post, Never Force Your Kids for These 7 Things) […]



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