guilty mother
Arushi Seth

I am a Guilty Mother, I Do Not Follow Rules

I remember before we had Little Miss A, my husband and I would see children in restaurants watching phones and iPads. We both thought this was irresponsible behavior of the parents who cannot keep the child occupied. I would see children throwing tantrums and again I would think, these are things I

Saving Habits
Arushi Seth

10 Saving Habits You Must Adopt

How much we say that money is not important to us, at the end of the day it does play a huge role in our lives. Everything we do somehow or the other boils down to the money we have. Earning an income or looking at ways to increase it is one way to increase

Aloe Vera for Babies
Arushi Seth

Amazing Uses of Aloe Vera for Babies

The skin of a baby is extremely sensitive and thus, a major cause of worry for many parents. Keeping the needs and concerns of all the parents, baby product makers are now making their entire range of baby products without harmful chemicals. However, when opting for all these artificial baby care products,

Educational Toys for Your Toddler
Arushi Seth

Educational Toys for Your Toddler to Learn Alphabets and Numbers

As parents we need to spend a lot of time with them teaching new things. When the child turns two there is a lot of expectation to teach them alphabets and numbers. Some children learn them when they are two and some only do it by 4. There are lots of tools available to help

Best Potty Chair in India
Arushi Seth

10 Best Potty Chair in India

Potty training is one of the most discussed topic for new mothers. I remember when Little Miss A was 6 months old, I was told to start her training but books and the doctors advised against it. I also wanted her to understand her body and not just do the job because she was sitting

Arushi Seth

Tips for First Day of School

Little Miss A has settled in school and we have started a new phase of life with her. As I wrote earlier, the first day was not easy for me at all. However, I am more comfortable and so is she. The first day of school is a big milestone for both parents and the

First Day of School
Arushi Seth

First Day of School: A Confused Mother

Since Little Miss A turned 2, one question everyone asked me was when was I sending her to school. I was in no hurry and was very clear not before she turns 2.5. A lot of people judged me and I am sure thought I was over protective. I always believed that these were the

Care For A New Born Baby
Arushi Seth

Tips to Care For A New Born Baby

Babies do not come with a manual and no books, websites or experiences of others can teach you how to take care of your baby. The biggest learning comes when you become a mother and have the real experience of taking care of your baby. Though a mother understands her baby the most, however, it

Baby Feeding Essentials
Arushi Seth

10 Must Have Baby Feeding Essentials When You Start Weaning

They say, “Every Journey has a Story”, but the journey of motherhood is full of beautiful stories and moments. There is not a dull moment when you are a mother and the first year, in my opinion, is the most exciting. The baby does so many new things each passing day and it is wonderful

planning finances before baby
Arushi Seth

Plan Your Finances Before Planning a Kid

Having a baby is undoubtedly the most beautiful thing, but it is a big responsibility. The baby needs time and attention at all steps and is physically and emotionally dependent on the parents. Besides, the financial stress also increases as the expenses increase by many folds with a baby. Every parent