Best Pregnancy Pillows
Arushi Seth

Guide to Buy Best Pregnancy Pillows in India

Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes not only to your lifestyle- eating habits, sleep patterns and mood fluctuations, but also sets in a lot of physical changes in the body. Especially, in the last trimester sleeping patterns take a toll and exactly that is when you need a good night’s sleep to

toy safety
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8 Baby Toy Safety Tips

Toys and kids share an inseparable bond. While some of us still fancy toys and tend to buy our favorite fictional character collectibles, a child without a toy in any form is a difficult scene to imagine. We buy toys for them even before they are born. So why not look at the safety of

Never Compare Your Children
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Why You Should Never Compare Your Children With Others?

“Learn something from Tanya”. “She is such a good girl and does not throw any tantrums.” “Amayra is so cute and you are so naughty. Why cannot you become like her?” “Look at the marks Malini Aunty’s son has got. Had you worked harder you could have got better grades.”. “Amar is good

it doesn t matter what others think of you quotes New Pictures 300 Motivational Quotes to Help You Achieve Your Dreams
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5 Reasons To Stop Caring What People Think About You

“If you don’t care about what people think, you already passed the first step to success.”-Paulo Coelho. It’s a human tendency to be appreciated and accepted by people around us. Most of us often wonder how a particular action and reaction would be perceived by others and if we will be judged

Secrets of a Happy Life
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The Five Secrets of a Happy Life

Life is a mystery. Sometimes you are on your high, having a gala time while there will be times when, you will be sulking at your lowest. According to psychologists, happiness is not a feeling or an emotion. Happiness is a form of lifestyle which one needs to practice to be truly happy in life.

Never Force Your Kids
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Never Force Your Kids for These 7 Things

The last two years of my life have taught a lot. It is true that motherhood does not come with a manual, but it comes with motherly instincts and new perspectives which help in the beautiful journey with your child. My opinion on many things has changed since Little Miss A came in my life.

The patriarchy
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Patriarchy is Deep Rooted

Daily when I scroll down by Facebook page, I hear women complaining of husbands and in laws and other issues in life. These groups are a boon for women who have finally got a space or a medium to share their problems because most of them do not have this liberty at home. I do

Important First Aid Skills
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Important First Aid Skills Each Child Should Know

Though we make sure we take enough care of our kids and prevent them from getting hurt, holding them out to get involved in outdoor activities with other kids or enjoy the festivities would be a cruel thing to do. And kids do get hurt. Its quite often that your child will bruise his hand

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How to Keep Your Child Safe this Monsoon?

We all love monsoons, don’t we? The very idea of being cosy at home, getting a break from the irresistible summers, the smell of wet earth and indulging in our favourite appetizers makes monsoons one of the most awaited seasons. As so do kids. Even we as kids loved to get drenched in the rain,

Couple fighting
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Things You Should Never Say While Having an Argument

Arguments are inevitable. Be it our partner or a friend or an acquaintance, there are certain instances where views do not match, misunderstanding happen or making a point to someone. If arguments are constructive, which we would rather call a discussion, then a feasible and tangible solution comes