We Have Failed As A Nation

We Have Failed As A Nation



Sayantani works for a consulting firm and is passionate about reading and travelling. She co-runs a volunteer group which primarily takes care of education, female hygiene and sanitation. She also works with old age homes and NGOs for underprivileged, orphans, differently abled children and children affected with HIV + to provide them with necessary requirements. Writing has always been a knack and she loves to write in her spare time on pressing issues of the society.

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  • Is Education the Solution to Our Problems | Being A Thinkaholic

    […] We belong to a nation where the people who have the power are not bothered about anything but fill their own pockets. Our politicians want votes for which if they need to blame men of one religion for raping a girl of another, they will do it without hesitation and not find where we are going wrong. Education has nothing to do with the promotions of bureaucrats and votes a politician gets. And these are the people who run the country. (Read the post, We Have Failed As a Nation) […]



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