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No condom ad
Arushi Seth

My Opinion on The Condom Ad Ban

For the last two days, one of the most talked about topic after the Virat Anushka wedding is the ban on condom ads. The Government has banned all TV channels to air any condom ads from 6 am to 10 pm citing the reason of being ‘indecent for children’ which can lead to ‘unhealthy practices’

Arushi Seth

What Love Means to Me

I often tell my daughter, I love you. I sometimes wonder does she even understand what I mean or rather does she even know what love means. I am sure as she grows she will understand like all of us did. At different stages of life, love has a different definition. As a baby love

marriage rituals
Arushi Seth

Things You Should Know Before Getting Married

Marriage is an important milestone in everyone’s life. It is a relationship we form by choice and for life. Once you finish your education and get a job, the next natural thing that you are expected to do is to get married. The problem here is that no one tells you about marriage or there

Arushi Seth

Should a Woman Celebrate Her Different Roles?

We get numerous messages on WhatsApp on how many roles a woman plays and cheer her for the same. She is a daughter, a wife, a daughter in law and of course a mother, besides the many other roles. I often feel is this something we must celebrate or is it something that stresses her

Mother and daughter
Arushi Seth

Ryan School Murder Case: Where are We Heading?

Two months back, when the murder case of the innocent boy, Pradyuman was all over the news channels, a mother in me sat scared to see that a child was not safe in school also. In very less time, the police arrested the bus conductor and blamed him for sexual assault and murder. I remember

Arushi Seth

The Not So Funny Jokes

A typical morning means looking at your phone as soon as you get up because we no longer use clocks to see the time. While seeing the time, unconsciously you see several notifications of various WhatsApp groups. These are good morning forwards or political jokes or the most annoying, the sexist jokes on husbands and

Arushi Seth

I Did Not Change My Surname

I met a lady in the park today who wanted my phone number. While saving it, without asking me she promptly wrote my surname as Kapoor. I had to check her and say it is Seth. Though she did not say anything, her expression said it all. Many things have changed over the last few

Arushi Seth

Why I Did Not Write #MeToo?

In the last two days all I can see on my Facebook wall is #MeToo. I am not surprised to see that mostly all women on my Facebook have been sexually harassed at some point or the other during their life. It is sad but expected. I decided not to join the movement not because

Arushi Seth

I Do Not Need Your Opinion on Karwa Chauth

It is that time of the year again. Festivities are in the air and everyone around is busy preparing for the festivals. Also, it is that time of the year when social media and newspapers are full of articles questioning the relevance and authenticity of karwa chauth. I have been married for six years and

Arushi Seth

Is The New Axis Bank Ad A Reflection of Our Society

Watching the television is a luxury for me since my daughter was born. She is not allowed any screen time and thus, we also do not watch it. I was lucky and I got to watch some today while she was busy playing. During the commercial break, a commercial of Axis Bank caught my attention.