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Never Force Your Kids
Arushi Seth

Never Force Your Kids for These 7 Things

The last two years of my life have taught a lot. It is true that motherhood does not come with a manual, but it comes with motherly instincts and new perspectives which help in the beautiful journey with your child. My opinion on many things has changed since Little Miss A came in my life.

The patriarchy
Arushi Seth

Patriarchy is Deep Rooted

Daily when I scroll down by Facebook page, I hear women complaining of husbands and in laws and other issues in life. These groups are a boon for women who have finally got a space or a medium to share their problems because most of them do not have this liberty at home. I do

Important First Aid Skills
Arushi Seth

Important First Aid Skills Each Child Should Know

Though we make sure we take enough care of our kids and prevent them from getting hurt, holding them out to get involved in outdoor activities with other kids or enjoy the festivities would be a cruel thing to do. And kids do get hurt. Its quite often that your child will bruise his hand

Arushi Seth

How to Keep Your Child Safe this Monsoon?

We all love monsoons, don’t we? The very idea of being cosy at home, getting a break from the irresistible summers, the smell of wet earth and indulging in our favourite appetizers makes monsoons one of the most awaited seasons. As so do kids. Even we as kids loved to get drenched in the rain,

Couple fighting
Arushi Seth

Things You Should Never Say While Having an Argument

Arguments are inevitable. Be it our partner or a friend or an acquaintance, there are certain instances where views do not match, misunderstanding happen or making a point to someone. If arguments are constructive, which we would rather call a discussion, then a feasible and tangible solution comes out of it which could be for

Education the Solution
Arushi Seth

Is Education the Solution to Our Problems?

The newspaper and internet have no dearth of news which shake me as a mother of a two-year-old girl. Today, there were two things which caught my attention and honestly, I feel disgusted. First, the news of a father of an 18-year-old, raping his daughter’s friend who came for a sleepover. I do not even

working father
Arushi Seth

Fathers and Work Life Balance

If you thought its only working mothers who faced the great muddle of ‘work-life balance’ then think again. As a parent, fathers face this complication as much as mothers do. I see my husband trying to wrap up all work and spend more time with Little Miss A. I have heard many of my friends

Hospital Bag
Arushi Seth

The Hospital Bag Packing List

Motherhood is a long journey starts as soon as you conceive and lasts a lifetime. And as mothers, its natural to make sure that you are taking enough care of yourself and the needs of the baby at the same time. The joy of having a kid in the house knows no bounds. The family

Things Dads Do Better than Moms
Arushi Seth

Things Dads Do Better than Moms

The times have changed where moms were expected ‘to raise a child’ and considered that they did better. In the modern household where both the partners are earning to support the household, doing chores and raising a child, not just in monetary terms of paying the school fees, the responsibilities of child care is shared

Penguin Dad
Arushi Seth

My Daughter Has a Penguin Dad

Times have changed and so have the parenting styles. The way our parents brought us up is very different from how they were brought up and history repeated itself and our generation is doing it differently yet again. When I speak to my grandma she tells me how it was solely her job to take