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Saving Habits
Arushi Seth

10 Saving Habits You Must Adopt

How much we say that money is not important to us, at the end of the day it does play a huge role in our lives. Everything we do somehow or the other boils down to the money we have. Earning an income or looking at ways to increase it is one way to increase

Arushi Seth

Tips for First Day of School

Little Miss A has settled in school and we have started a new phase of life with her. As I wrote earlier, the first day was not easy for me at all. However, I am more comfortable and so is she. The first day of school is a big milestone for both parents and the

First Day of School
Arushi Seth

First Day of School: A Confused Mother

Since Little Miss A turned 2, one question everyone asked me was when was I sending her to school. I was in no hurry and was very clear not before she turns 2.5. A lot of people judged me and I am sure thought I was over protective. I always believed that these were the

planning finances before baby
Arushi Seth

Plan Your Finances Before Planning a Kid

Having a baby is undoubtedly the most beautiful thing, but it is a big responsibility. The baby needs time and attention at all steps and is physically and emotionally dependent on the parents. Besides, the financial stress also increases as the expenses increase by many folds with a baby. Every parent wishes to provide the

terrible twos
Arushi Seth

The Two’s Are Terrific and Not Terrible

While walking in the evening, I described my day to my husband as one which was all about Little Miss A and her tantrums. All mothers know and understand that handling toddlers all day long can be really tough and it seems impossible many times, but it is also the most amazing thing you have

Arushi Seth

Abhishek Bachchan Shows Appreciation is Important in A Relationship

It is often said that, ‘No one in this world can love a girl more than her father’. This is so true. I see the selfless love my father has for me and similarly, the pure love my husband has for little Miss A. Like many dads in the world, Abhishek Bachchan is one doting

Little boy refuses to eat closing face by hands
Arushi Seth

Teach Children to Understand Their Body Signal Of Hunger

How we all wish children come with a manual and we have a ready reference resource to handle them and bring them up. But this does not happen and we are left to understand them and teach them everything. As parents, we all try and do our best to ensure they are always comfortable. However,

Teach your Kid to Save Money
Arushi Seth

How to Teach your Kid to Save Money?

If you take care of money, money will take care of you. This is the very simple and basic thing that was taught to us by our elders. Many of us have forgotten this as we know many comforts and luxuries come at a price and in order to give a comfortable and good upbringing,

Priya Rath

#MeToo: Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Nowadays the whole world is going through a digital revolution. Hashtags are prevalent from minor to an octogenarian. Being a developing country, India too is partaking in this digital revolution and hashtagging. A popular hashtag that has recently created a havoc is #MeToo. #MeToo movement is a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault. The

Karwa Chauth
Arushi Seth

I Fasted for Karwa Chauth and I am Not Embarrassed

It was Karwa Chauth yesterday and I celebrated it again even though I was travelling abroad. There was a question everyone had that why did I need to do it even if I was not at home. I was asked will you fast again without food and water. Yes, I did and I am not