Arushi Seth

Lessons My Daughter Teaches Me

My daughter is 20 months old now. It has been a pleasure to see a tiny baby grow into a beautiful small girl who has a mind of her own. A new born baby is like a plain canvas where you add colors. It is amazing to see how they learn things. When my daughter

Sleeping Baby
Arushi Seth

Is Sleeping on the Tummy Safe for Your Baby?

As a new parent everyone gets lots of unsolicited advice and this is more common in India. Each person who comes to meet the baby will give umpteen suggestions making you feel you know nothing. Sometimes the suggestions are helpful but sometimes they are not. As a new mother, you must ensure every decision you

baby cry
Arushi Seth

Why I Do Not Like the Cry It Out Method?

The other day at a get-together, a friend was talking about how sleep deprived she is as her 5-month-old does not sleep through the night. Before I could react, another lady sitting with us started telling her how important it was to sleep train your baby and she should just let her cry out and

new mom
Arushi Seth

New Moms, Do Not Forget Yourself

Becoming a mother is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and life changing experiences for a woman. It is said, when a child is born, a mother is born too. The nine months of pregnancy bring about a lot of changes, both mentally and physically.  How much you prepare yourself for this new journey, it

Ready for the Baby
Arushi Seth

Get Ready for the Baby

As soon as you get pregnant, you become one anxious and nervous human being, especially if it is your first time. The nine months come with lots of expected and unexpected things and as soon as you enter your third trimester you start counting days to see your little one. As a mother who delivered

Arushi Seth

Things You Hear as a Mother of a Preemie

When a woman gets pregnant her main aim in life is to ensure the best for her baby. She will do everything possible so that her child is healthy. I had a smooth pregnancy and I was an over-cautious would be mother as I did not want anything to go wrong. I ate healthy food,

Arushi Seth

It is Tough to Spoil Your New Born

When your baby is born, along with sleepless nights and stress, one thing that comes is free and unsolicited advice. You are a new mother, thus, everyone around you thinks it is their birth right to teach you how to bring up your child. I remember I got loads of it for issues like breastfeeding

Arushi Seth

Expect the Unexpected During Childbirth

October 2015, I saw the two lines on my home pregnancy test kit. The most beautiful phase of my life started from there. I had a lot of problem in conceiving so my doctor only congratulated me after the first ultrasound at six weeks. From then on, my only mission in life was to do

Arushi Seth

Why Do I Take My Baby to The Park Daily?

My daughter was a pre-term baby born at 34 weeks so her pediatrician did not allow us to take her outside for nearly two months. He did not want her to be exposed to any kind of infection. Once we got the permission we started the routine of going out daily in the evening. We

Arushi Seth

The Pros and Cons of Staying with The In Laws

“Do you stay with your in laws?” This is a question which is very often asked to a married girl in India. When you decide to get married this is one decision which every couple needs to take. It is normal for a girl to leave her parent’s house but for a boy to leave