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First Aid at Home
Arushi Seth

First Aid at Home for Insect Bites

Summertime means your family has more time to enjoy outdoors. However, being outdoors, exposes your family, especially your baby to a number of insect bites and mosquitoes bites which usually leave nothing more than a red and itchy bump on your baby’s skin. However, mosquitoes and other bugs are known to be carriers of dangerous

Brain Boosting Food
Arushi Seth

Brain Boosting Food for Children

We hear stories from our grandparents saying, “In our childhood, we used to consume foods full of nutrition but your children are not getting enough of it”. Whatever we hear from them is correct. The food we are feeding our children is helping neither in brain development nor in the development of overall health. More

Follicular Scans
Arushi Seth

Know Everything About Follicular Scans

I remember the day when we went to the doctor as we were not able to conceive. After asking a few questions, she explained the course of action, which included some blood tests and something I heard for the first time, follicular scans. I never knew something like that existed and also this would be

Best Mosquito Repellents for Babies
Arushi Seth

Best Mosquito Repellents in India For Babies

Summers and monsoons in India come with many problems like mosquitoes. With increasing incidence of diseases like dengue and malaria, it has become very important to keep the children safe from any bites. To keep the children indoor is not the solution, but using good quality repellants in a better way to manage the problem

Child’s Immunity
Arushi Seth

8 Habits that Can Weaken a Child’s Immunity

If you often wonder why your child falls ill frequently or stays lazy most of the times, this could be an indication that your child’s immunity is not developed or is hampered. According to a report by the World Health Organization, ‘the number of children suffering from asthma has doubled since 1980 in developed countries.’ Does

Home remides for cough and cold
Arushi Seth

Best Indian Home Remedies for Cold and Cough in Babies

It is very common for babies to catch cold in the early days and given the fact that as a parent you cannot give any medication without a proper consultation from a pediatrician, the situation leaves you in a state of panic. This is especially true when the cold and cough lingers for more than