Never Force Your Kids
Arushi Seth

Never Force Your Kids for These 7 Things

The last two years of my life have taught a lot. It is true that motherhood does not come with a manual, but it comes with motherly instincts and new perspectives which help in the beautiful journey with your child. My opinion on many things has changed since Little Miss A came in my life.

working father
Arushi Seth

Fathers and Work Life Balance

If you thought its only working mothers who faced the great muddle of ‘work-life balance’ then think again. As a parent, fathers face this complication as much as mothers do. I see my husband trying to wrap up all work and spend more time with Little Miss A. I have heard many of my friends

Things Dads Do Better than Moms
Arushi Seth

Things Dads Do Better than Moms

The times have changed where moms were expected ‘to raise a child’ and considered that they did better. In the modern household where both the partners are earning to support the household, doing chores and raising a child, not just in monetary terms of paying the school fees, the responsibilities of child care is shared

Arushi Seth

The Changes Fatherhood Brings

It is said that every man needs a daughter to set him right; but I think every man needs a child for him to realize how beautiful like is. Fatherhood changes a man, and I have ample proof seeing the people around me. My mom often said how my father changed overnight once I was

Penguin Dad
Arushi Seth

My Daughter Has a Penguin Dad

Times have changed and so have the parenting styles. The way our parents brought us up is very different from how they were brought up and history repeated itself and our generation is doing it differently yet again. When I speak to my grandma she tells me how it was solely her job to take

Styles of Parenting
Arushi Seth

Do You Know About the Four Styles of Parenting?

As we grew up, we saw how our parents raised us and how our friends were raised by their parents. Though we had no clue about parenting or parenting styles, we often wished if only our parents were as lenient as our friend’s or thanked that our parents are not as strict as the other

Travel with Your Child
Arushi Seth

Travel with Your Child and See him Grow

As adults, we constantly try to find some time for an outing or a vacation to recharge our lives and rewind, away from the day to day work. The same applies to children. Vacation for them does not necessarily mean a time off to get away from the stress, but a time they look forward

Mothers Day
Arushi Seth

A Letter to My Daughter On Mother’s Day

It is Mother’s Day on 13th May, 2018 and all kids are busy making cards and buying gifts for their mothers. As I am a mother too now, this day should also be all about me but the little one is few days short of two so I decided to write something for her as

Arushi Seth

Inexpensive Mothers’ Day Gifting Ideas

It is Mothers’ Day on Sunday, 13th May. People go crazy thinking of gifting ideas for their moms. Surely one would want the woman in their lives who spend every hour of the year to make our lives simpler and comfortable, to feel special! Moms are amazing, and one really does not have to put

Mother and child hugging
Arushi Seth

Time to Celebrate Mothers The Right Way

Ma-I don’t think I can even write what this word means to me. The word evokes countless emotions; love, protection, selfless and unconditional love, protection and basically everything and anything which has been there in my life. After all, everything beautiful in my life is because of her as she brought me into this world.