Mummies Instincts

Why Mummies Should Always Trust Their Instincts?

I always heard of the term mother’s instinct but never really understood what was it and how does one acquire it. My mother always had it I know. She would call when I wanted to talk to someone, she would know what I was feeling or what I wanted to eat. But then she has always been a super woman and I always knew I would never be able to come close to that.

Then my life, my daughter arrived. She was taken to the NICU as soon as she was born and was given to us only after 48 hours. But when I held her in that hospital room while feeding her, the mother instinct kicked in. I have no answer to the question from where and how? I guess the angels bring it with themselves. I had the responsibility to raise a little life and make her into a beautiful human being so I wanted to do everything perfectly but the question was how. It is normal to doubt your motherhood abilities, but remember you know the best for your child.

Mothers Instincts

I have seen and heard many mothers doubting themselves, but I will say always trust your instincts. Whenever I am sceptical about anything related to my daughter, I just trust my instincts. As you might not believe me, let me give you some reasons why you must trust your instincts.

Mummy is the Expert

Mummy is the Expert

Trust yourself, there is no one better qualified to be a mother to your child. God chose you as the guardian of this angel for a reason. You know the baby since the time you conceived them and thus, there is no one else who would know them the way you do. A mother knows what makes them happy and how is their temperament. Everyone around you will tell you things about your child; ignore them, because you are the only one who knows the truth.

First Reaction is Important

Your First Reaction is Important

People might term your reactions as over reactions, but just trust yourself. Yes, you may realize later that you were being hyper and paranoid for no reason, but there will be times this first reaction will save you and the baby. These times when you know what the baby needs is what will build a beautiful relationship with your baby where you both will know what the other one feels and wants.

Ignore People

Every second person you meet will have an opinion about you, your baby and your parenting style. What they think and feel is their problem and not yours. Judgements and criticism should not bother you. Enjoy motherhood.

There is No Rule Book

There is no correct way to parent a child. You choose what is comfortable to you and your child and there is nothing right or wrong about it. It is your ethics and your beliefs which will have an impact your parenting style. Just work on raising this amazing human being and do not bother with always being the perfect mother.

Mothers know Better


You are the Best For Your baby

There is no other mother your child knows and thus, you are the best for them. Whenever they need someone they will choose you as there is no one better than you to help them.

Make Mistakes

Who told you that if you are a mom you need to be perfect? We all make mistakes and learn from them. These mistakes are just speed breakers on your adventurous trip with your baby and this will just ensure you slow down and enjoy your drive more.

Love and Learn

All that your baby wants from you is your love and care. This will make them content and calm. Teach them to live life. Colours, shapes, numbers and alphabets will be done but to live to learn is important. Children are like sponges and they learn from the simplest things in life too like a walk to the park or a trip to the mall. So enjoy the small things in life.

I have said before too, but I will say it again. Mummies, you are fantastic and are doing an excellent job. Trust your instincts as this will keep your baby safe. A mother is like a shield for the child, protecting them at all steps. There is nothing more potent than your love for your baby and your connection with each other is the most powerful. Maternal instinct is God’s gift to you so trust it and enjoy motherhood.

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