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Why Have We Become So Insensitive?

Social media is my good friend and I keep reading posts and articles to know what others are up to. This thought has crossed my mind several times but since the last two days my thinkaholic brain seems to be thinking more that why is our generation so insensitive. We have taken for granted that it is our business to comment on anything and everything, whether it is needed or not. I feel most of us do not even think before we comment. We have to judge and we have to talk.

Negative Thinking

Yesterday, the headline was the engagement of Isha Ambani with Anand Piramal. I read it like any other celebrity news but later I was amazed to see the kind of reactions people were giving. Someone commented how it was a business deal as they exchanged rings in presence of families. I do not understand where it is written that a guy can only propose when they are alone. A business deal or a love story; who are we to judge? People went on to comment how she is marrying a rich person and why could she not marry someone middle class. Excuse me, do all people do not match the financial status of two families when they get the children married. Guys, she is getting married and not doing charity. The daughter of the country’s richest man is used to some luxuries and a lifestyle which she would like to maintain. Do we all not do that? Where is this alliance wrong? Marriage is a lifetime commitment and the two people need to be sure about each other and they should be able to visualize a life where they both are comfortable. If she fell in love with a rich man, you cannot question her love and commitment.

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People also commented on how ugly the partners of the Ambani siblings were. Why have we become so shallow? Is marriage about looks and money? I do not think it is. The couples are under constant scrutiny of the media and people around them and they have a lot of expectations to live up to. Why are we burdening them with our lame comments? My suggestion, leave them alone and why bother about something that does not bother us.

Now, today, the Met Department had predicted a storm and the schools were closed for 7th and 8th May. All day there was bright sun and there were so many jokes doing the rounds and how mothers were complaining about children being home. I think that was a step taken for the safety of your children. Had they not taken it, they would have been blamed. When the storm has arrived at 11pm, people started commenting on see it has finally come. It is a serious issue and we are making fun of it. Why? Imagine people stuck on the road who cannot drive back. Think what their families must be going through especially when a similar storm killed people a few days back. What about the homeless who stay on the road and the stray animals? Poor people living in small houses with not so strong walls and roofs, they can be homeless in this storm and some might get hurt too.


Sitting in your house and seeing the storm and making fun of it I thought was very insensitive. Yes, there can be a lighter side to everything but let us think about others and if we might hurt them. The Facebook and Whatsapp Groups are there to support each other and not to make life hell. I know we all have a freedom of speech and a right to comment, so do I and this is my opinion. Please don’t feel bad and be sensitive as you might hurt someone unintentionally. Let us make the world a happier place and spread positivity!!!

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