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Why Happy Couples Post Less About Their Relationship on Social Media?

We all know that one couple in our social media who are constantly posting about everything they do together. Received a mail? Post it! Off on a road trip? A selfie is a must! Even the dinners are movies which are supposed to be one of those private moments that one would want to spend with their spouse are all up on the social media. Needless to say, these are not just annoying seeing them on your feed every time you log in to your social media account but also makes one wonder if a happy relationship is really all about posts of the two on social media! Because when you meet them in person, you actually get the pulse of the health of their relationship and trying to figure out why they are even together in the first place!

Happy couples, on the other hand, do not feel the need to post about their relationship on social media to feel happy and one would hardly find them posting anything about their relationship status on social media. Here are the few reasons why happy couples likely post less about their relationship on social media.

  1. They do not need social media posts to convince others. People who post a lot about every tiny moment with their significant other on social media are under constant pressure of convincing others about their relationship. In reality, they may not be as happy together as their social media posts would make them look like. Even when they are on the verge of breaking up, they would still post about their togetherness on social media. Happy couples rarely feel the need to convince anyone else how happy they are.
  2. They don’t need validation from others. Happy couples are so much contended with each other that they do not need to post in social media to prove their love to the world and gush about it. Neither have they needed to make others jealous of their relationship nor have they to keep a tab of their partner’s whereabouts or report their own with social media posts.
  3. When you are happy, you don’t get distracted by social media. When you are genuinely happy with someone and enjoying each other’s company, you forget about your phone and the need to post anything on social media. As a happy couple, you enjoy the time with your significant other and social media does not need to intervene with a need for selfie notification to showcase your love for each other.
  4. No room for insecurity. Research says that couples who tend to post a lot on social media are inherently insecure about their relationship and partners. You are always on heels to post about the cute little things that you do with your partner and make sure that it is displayed to your friends and family through social media. When you feel insecure in your relationship, you resort to social media and depend on people’s opinions to make you feel better. Couples who are happy in their relationship find no thoughts of insecurity and do not depend on the social media responses to their relationship.
  5. Keep differences off social media. At some point in our lives, we come across a fighting couple. And as a witness to all the profanity and hate speech used during the argument, do you not feel awkward? And then there come the social media updates and statuses with clichéd thoughts and quotes indicating the state of a troubled relationship. Now let’s get the facts right! No relationship is devoid of arguments or differences. And as an insecure partner, shouting out your feelings about a fight or difference on social media does not; in anyway, show your efforts in sorting the issue or genuine feelings for your partner. Matters of differences are better sorted in private to keep that trust and understanding going. And that’s exactly what happy couples do!
  6. People who stay off social media are happier. Research says people who are off social media are merrier. According to a research by Denmark’s Happiness Research Institute involving 1,095 people to find out what affect does no access to Facebook do to them.

“After one week without Facebook, the group reported a significantly higher level of life satisfaction,” as mentioned by the researchers. Happy couples do not seek any validation from people through Facebook likes or comments. The secret to their happiness is unadulterated moments of affection.

Of-course we do post a lot of pictures and videos on social media about ourselves. And it is not true that people who are happy in their relationships are off social media. But the trick lies in drawing a line where required. While you are always in an urgency to post everything about you and your spouse on social media, you are slowly missing out on all the valuable time that you could have spent with your partner than really worrying how many likes or comments your Facebook post receives.

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