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Why Children Should Eat In Silver Utensils?

Not everybody is born with a silver spoon but in an Indian household one would often find silverware being bought for a newborn. One of the first gifts that your baby gets and is considered auspicious is silverware. Silver spoons, bowls and glasses are being bought for the newborn by most of the relatives when they visit for the first time. You must have often observed silver plates being used in temples and babies being fed from silverware. The practice does not necessarily show pride or status but is mainly because of the medicinal benefits of silver and is easy to maintain compared to copper. Here are few medicinal benefits of feeding your baby from silverware.

  • Bacteria Free: Silver bowls and cutlery are bacteria free and is one of the main reasons why silver is used as a utensil to feed babies. And since silver is 100% bacteria free, there is no need to sterilize the utensils after each meal and a simple wash with baby friendly cleansing agents and water is enough to make it healthy for use again.
  • Immunity Booster: Since silver has properties to fight bacteria, new moms prefer feeding their babies with a silver spoon. The silver gets infused with the warm food being served on it and helps boosts the immunity in babies.
  • Non-toxic: Though pure silver is toxic, silverware go through elaborate treatment while getting converted to silverware from pure silver and is thus non-toxic to be fed in.
  • Retains Freshness: Kings and royalty stored food in silver vessels and ate from silver utensils since silver is believed to retain freshness of the food stored in them.
  • Keeps the baby’s body temperature controlled: New born babies are often made to wear silver anklets and rings because of silver’s property to keep the body cool. Feeding a new born in silverware maintains the body temperate and prevents excessive heating up.

silverware for your baby

How to use silverware for your baby?

Post the phase of breastfeeding when your baby starts consuming solid food, make use of the silverware gifts that you have got! You can feed juices and other liquids in silver glasses and other solid infant food in silver bowls and plates using a silver spoon.

silver bowl and spoon

Tips to buy silver utensils for your baby:

Silver is expensive and is a hard metal. Thus, you need to keep few things in mind while you buy silverware for your little one:

  • Make sure you buy from a reputed store with minimal adulteration in silver.
  • Keep in mind the spoon you buy should have rounded edges to avoid hurting the baby while feeding.
  • Buy utensils which have simple designs and not too many intricate detailing. Highly carved utensils may have food particles stuck to them while simple designs are easy to clean and feed in.

Silver has lot of good qualities which are good for the baby. Since my daughter was six months old and we started feeding her solids, she has used silverware. Besides the medicinal benefits, it ensures she is not eating in plastic plates and spoons and also is not breaking the glass ones and hurting herself. Though times have changed and mothers of our generation do things differently, but, there are some things which our grandmothers did and which was good for the baby; silver utensils being one of them.

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