Valentine’s Day- Is It Worth the Attention?

It’s the month of February and 14th February is around the corner. Everything around us is red. Restaurants are gearing up with special deals for couples, malls are decorated and stores and running discounts for shopping and of course, the florists and the card shops are all geared to make money. I might sound boring but I have never really liked this day. Not because I do not believe in love but because I think this day is a misrepresentation of love.

Everyone is stressed to meet expectations on this day. It has become a rat race where the question is not about how much do you love your partner but about how expensive a gift you bought or where did you go for a quiet candlelight and romantic dinner. It is more about proving yourself than to celebrate love.

My other major issue is why is this day only for your lover or spouse. Is this the only form of love? To a large extent we are not to be blamed for it as this is the concept of love we have grown up with. Why do we dedicate this day to lovers? What happens to the other people around us who also love us? Valentine’s day should be about celebrating life and the love in it, irrespective of how we celebrate and with whom.

There are many reasons why I have started disliking Valentine’s Day.

Single People Feel Unloved
On this day all you will see is couples holding hands, exchanging gifts and enjoying their time together. And if in this world full of love, you are single, the mushy songs and basically everything around you will make you feel unloved and unwanted. It is no crime if you do not have someone in your life. Remember, “Someone, somewhere is made for you.”

Too Much Pressure

Too Much Pressure
So, if the day is about people in love, trust me this day is no better for them. They are under undue stress and pressure to plan an expensive day which will meet the expectations of their partners. It is about the dinner, the chocolates and the roses and of course, the gift, and on top of it, all should be done the other person wants it to be. How can you enjoy your time with the person you love when you are so stressed?

Why Only Men?
Why is the maximum pressure on the man in the relationship whereas the girl just likes to sit and get pampered? I am a girl and I would love it when someone pampers me but if the guy is doing all this to prove his love, where is your love? If we demand equality in everything why not here. I feel it is being unfair to the men to impress his lady love. It is about the love of a couple and not about his or her.

Why Wait for A Day

Why Wait for A Day?
Why do we need to wait for this day in February to express our love? Life is beautiful when you spend it with the person you love. Treating and pampering your girl or guy every day will make your relationship stronger. Waiting for this one day might just ruin things.

People Start Looking for a Date

People Start Looking for a Date
Now there is more to the story. The pressure to find a “Valentine”. It is not a day to celebrate with the person you love but about the stress to find someone you can spend the day with. This is peer pressure at its peak. Get dressed in your fineries and impress the person you are not even sure of meeting the next day.

Everything Becomes Expensive

Everything Becomes Expensive
You name it and the thing is expensive on Valentine’s Day. The florist sells the flowers and especially red roses at 5 times the prices. The restaurants are offering exorbitant packages. Websites are selling “gifts for her” and “gifts for him”. At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day seems more of a marketing gimmick of the love industry.

In no way am I saying, do not celebrate Valentine’s Day. Love is a blessing and it must be celebrated. Enjoy your day the way you like to with no stress and pressure. This Valentine’s Day I will like to wish everyone around me who loves me. Most importantly my parents, who have loved me without any expectations ever, my daughter who has taught me how to love selflessly, my in-laws for being the second set of parents I am blessed to have, my friends who have stood by me in thick and thin and of course, my husband, who makes life beautiful and worth living.

You all are my lifelines and here’s wishing you all a VERY HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. (No one gets any gifts ;))

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