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Time to Celebrate Mothers The Right Way

Ma-I don’t think I can even write what this word means to me. The word evokes countless emotions; love, protection, selfless and unconditional love, protection and basically everything and anything which has been there in my life. After all, everything beautiful in my life is because of her as she brought me into this world.

When I became a mother, I realized what all my mother would have done for me and I will not lie and say it honestly, it is now that I know how much I love her. A woman ceases to be a woman when she becomes a mother as her life revolves around this little one she has created.

Many people say that motherhood is the most beautiful thing and this should be celebrated daily. I could not agree more, but, we all forget this one person in our daily hustle-bustle and neglect her while we mean the world to her. We take her for granted and she never complains. Then why should we not use this one day to make her feel that she also is the center of our universe and how much we love her.

Happy Mother's Day

While I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day, but I feel Mother’s Day is the perfect day to make your mom feel special. There are a thousand ways in which you show your partner or spouse that you love them and I am sure you say it too. Many times, we ignore our parents for them. Let this day of the year be for that superwoman, celebrate her, celebrate your bond with her.

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Your mother is your punching bag and you shout at her and be irritated but somewhere in your heart you know it is for your good. We bang the phone when she asks you to do something, we tell her how she did not cook well, we don’t miss a chance to comment on her clothes, we do not give her a chance to show her emotions; basically, we just want her to be our mother and not a woman. Let this day be hers where she can be what she wants to be and you do what she wants you to do for her.

While I say we should celebrate Mother’s Day, it should not be about increasing business revenue for the brands or getting flowers and cards. You must celebrate your mother but not under pressure as everyone around you is doing that or being stressed about buying expensive gifts for her. The one thing she might appreciate the most is your time.

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Take time off from everything and anything and just talk to her. Leave that phone and the iPad as your mother needs to know how much you love her and not your friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Do things with her. Talk about your childhood, her life, her friends and let her just do what she likes. It is the small things that will matter to her and when she has you and she is assured you will always be there, that smile will be the most expensive gift you can ever give her.

I will take this opportunity to thank my mom for everything she has ever done for me. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful parents and if I am able to be half as good as they were, I will be happy to be a good mother. I might not be with you this Mother’s Day, Ma, but you know what you mean to me and how much I love you. Thank you!!

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